Saturday , March 6 2021

Root the Rhum – Imoca: Thokson goes after 10 hours

British homemaker Alex Thomson (Hugo Bose) crossed the last line of Ruut du Roam on Friday evening in the northern part of Guadalipo. At 8:10 local time (13:10 metropolis) at Pointe-e-Peter.

The boat was physically damaged in the collision. A hole in the bush, shocked bows, broken starboard foil, and kyle. Captain tried to complete his race, not finding a waterway. It has been completed: take 23 hours and 10 minutes to complete a single day. 10 hours to complete his run after the accident.

The first captain in Ivoq is Penteeta-P-Pierre and fourth in the fourth in the fourth. Saint Malo on September 4 (Ilele-et-Wain).

"While traveling 18 nm (33 km / h), Alex (Thomson) said violently at the edge of the hill. Captain Captain made his engineThe racing director, Jacques Carr, is coming up with the claim that the engine is being used. International Judia has to decide on hours.

The British star, led by the Sea of ​​the Ikakko (18 m), headed by sea level, ran over a hill in Grand Vermil (north of Grande-Terry). Between 21h45 and 22h00 (2:45, 03:00 France Metropolitan).

– "Sleeping"-

"He can not confirm that he is asleep, but everything indicates that he is asleep, Carrie said. I think he went to bed. This has already ended the running, more than one (opponent)".

"He shocked at the sound of his voice and was very sorry. He did not see the shock coming up"Said Carles.

The 44-year-old Thomson will be participating in his first route, The Rhum. Fourth in Imoka, Wendy Globe Monohol, in the world seo and non stop. Last edition in 2016. In 2020, he wishes to resume Wendy's globe on the brand new boat at the next summer.

From the beginning, Welsh leads to emoji. On Thursday night, 209 nautical miles (387 km) was posted from Paul Mealat (SMS).

– penalty –

Mehahath accompanied him with Punei-e-Fitri on Friday at 22:20 (3:20 Metropolis). Of course, as the winner came as a winner, the jury was fined for 24 hours. The use of his engine came from the hill.

This use is strictly prohibited, but the situation represented a simplified situation that would have given only a penalty.

The disadvantage of race was respected by Alex Thompson, a corrupt man.

The jury is made up of two British, two French and one German. As an international jury, its decisions are not subject to appeal.

Completed the route from 11 am to 7 am and 32 minutes.

On Sunday, the 62-year-old Dean Francis Joy (Rudy the Route) Route The Rome is a 14-hour 21-minute match between François Gabbert (Masaf), 7 minutes 08 seconds.

A visit to Lala Roussevol. The 54-year-old Navigator, who was shot dead by Wednesday, was freed by another rival Pear Anthony from Trumen Olmix on Friday. Now safe.

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