Wednesday , September 28 2022

Shakira: Her husband, Gerard Peck, arrested for driving without a license!


It seems that Shikira has many problems with justice. The singer's husband was arrested for driving without a license!

Sharka does not have the right to justice right now. On Monday, November 26, her husband, Gerard Peque, had to take a police station and risked a big penalty!

Shakira: She gave money to tax authorities in Spain this year

Sharia has experienced chain problems with justice for many months. First, last January, the singer could hide millions of dollars from Spanish tax authorities. Tax authorities announced She did not declare herself as a tax dweller From 2015 to Spain However, the international star had to do it every year, because she left with Gerard Pecky.

In 2011, Sharika met FC Barcelona footballer Gerard Pecky. Both celebrities spent a lot of time in Spain. That year, the singer remained on Spanish soil for 183 days. So she had to pay taxes to the country … fortunately, after this charge, Starlotte paid 20 million euros There is no problem in fish now …

Shakira: To pay a big penalty to her husband!

However, after the tax department's problems, she is now a police post after Shikira and especially after her husband Gerard Pike. Footballer has just been arrested for driving without license from the Spanish police. According to the team, the man should be sentenced last Monday. Penalties are soft for the athlete Because it will pay a fine of 48 000 euros.

Apparently, Gerard Pecky has often led to points that his license has been removed. In Spain, a person has to wait six months to get a driving license. Footballer does not want to respect this rule and will have to pay a higher price … In any case, Sharika and Gerard Pecky have had some problems with the Spanish government …