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Stimulus expenses for Force Ouvrière executives


Hotels, Plans, Rents, Trains, Current Expenses … In the FAO's Confederate Office, reports of the end of the year have changed. We have been informed in secret documents within three years. In 2017, 148,683 European companies closed the 13 members of the management that led by Jean Claude Mail. 29,898 rupees per person per year Particularly housed: Eight of those who do not live in Paris have rented up to € 1,800 a month.

€ 50,000 to Pavagavu, 34,000 euro for mail

Last year, Pascal Pavagne was the Secretary General of the largest spender economy. Has reached the top of an unofficial campaign program. Its bill is € 50,836.05 euros (€ 33,827.95 in 2016 € 49,263.49 in 2016), which is renting € 12,000. The rest: SNCF trips, some flights, not every month, are not detailed fees. At € 3,200 in January, € 2,700 in next month, € 2,300 in March and € 3,000 in April.

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In 2017, Jean-Claude Mail was paid € 34,306.27 in remuneration with a £ 100,334.63 wage, the equivalent of the previous year (35,058.45 in 2015). € 32,194.55 in 2016). If the bank card bills are not paid € 1,808.80 € € 2,086.24 or € 3,691.29 € in detail. Summary of previous union leaders is used in 2017 as well as the transfer shown by the two good pages. He did not respond to Pascal Pavilion and Jean Claude Mélie.

60440,94 € Confederation Secretary for one year

Even more so in these written documents. In the 2015-2017 period, some unknown secretaries of the public were seriously presented with the fees. The figures for 2015 are as follows. This is the processing of notes: 60 6040, 94 € per year. At this price, FO's frame, Air France, has spent € 11,724,90 including $ 16 million invoice for 30 million flights. Two are settlers: on October 15 at 7,340.46 euros. Two weeks after the 2,861.65 euros. What are the reasons? Mystery. "It's strange, there's no special information about the fee in the Ledger", an accountant says.

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For the next two years, the same framework continued airports. In 2016, Air France will have an additional 22,000 euros and € 19,000 in 2017. With money again: € 3,728.52 per month for the € 7,737.80 euro in October 2017. In the year same year: on October 16, it was € 3,285.53 and two weeks later at € 8,018.85.

Air France invoices at the end of July

From one year to the next year, she was not the only regulator in booking. The executive magazine will have a flight between July 30 and 31 July through July. In 2015, it was 2,216.36 euros in 2016 at $ 1,451.84. € 713.54 in 2017.

The Secretary of this Confederation spends at least once a month, from € 440 for air ticket and € 1,900. Last year, the traveling expedition cost 19,000 euros.

Rent in 2015 for € 16920

This is the amount spent on the hotel, among others. Particularly in a hotel: a two-star hotel located in Transcontinental, FO Headquarters, Paris Avenue Avenue Maine. The federal secretary's expenditure in 2015 was 7,570. One bill of € 360 a month is observed for a month. In addition, over the next two years, this executive went out of the house for € 1 410 per month. More than a year: € 16,920.

The difference in costs between the Confederate Secretary is the most surprising. Because the current five-digit notes are more fun. This framework, which was not recovered last year, is worth only € 3,775.

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