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Strasbourg city "For sale, very little radioactive cooking utensils": Processed by anti-nuclear activists in Strasbourg


"Cooking wares are very cheap! No fear, Madam, sir, it's just weak radioactive! At the end of Maran Market, Rome Vernet, stop transport activist – stop atom, trick." This is a partnership with EDF, "Jane- Mary Brom is also a member of the Association, her household items are not really for sale. If they bypass the badge, then it is a national plan for the management of radioactive materials and waste. To talk about

Garbage is termed as "short-term" – because they lose a large part of their radioactivity after three hundred years – parts of the tools and French nuclear power plant are now buried in concrete cells in the department section. Aube. With the site reaching the saturation point soon, France plans to reuse the least contaminated metals and rearrange them on the market.

"In Your Bots, Your Cars, Your Footboards"

"Your bike, your car, your footboard and other things in everyday life may have radioactivity," Jane-Mary Brom rejects "risking the population" for the benefit of the surgeon. An industrial area, a business "." But if the amount of radioactivity is low, then their recurrence would have devastating effects on health, which was fearful of Remy Wardet. There is no threshold that radiation contact is safe. "

On this issue, the national commission for public debate is responsible for large planning National Advice In France until September 25. The citizen is invited to give his opinion about the management of nuclear waste Thursday, July 11 at 18:30 at Abate, put the Clayber in Strasbourg.

Stop Transport Workers – Stop the Nuclear Association, but also organize one Panel On the management of radioactive materials and waste Thursday, July 4, 8 pm at the House of Associations Orphilines is located on the square In Strasbourg.

In support

Two pounds

According to the EDF, electricity consumption of each and every member of France produces radioactive waste "less than two kilos" per year.

1.5 million cubic meters

According to the National Agency for Radioactive West Management, France currently stores 1.5 million cubic meters of radioactive waste (2016 statistics).


90% of the total amount of radioactive waste is "short-lived" radioactive waste and has a 0.1% share of total radioactivity.

The remaining 10% are the so-called "long-running" waste, which focuses on 99.9% of total radioactivity (source EDF).

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