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Survey. French Nicholas Sarkozy does not want to return


11:30 pm
June 29, 2019

France revolves around Nicolas Sarkozy's page. The assumption of the former head of state in politics did not create enthusiasm. According to our IFOP survey, 76% of respondents say they do not want to come back. Informally, the majority of Republican (LR) supporters (65%) are the only ones appealing to the former mayor of Newell; IFP deputy director Frederick Debbie commented that this denial is bigger among left wing sympathizers (88%), in which the adverse effect of Nicolas Sarkozy is still very strong.

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Similarly, 57% of respondents are negative about the balance of the state's former head. "It is not a positive repetition of its operation, Freudic debate has been diagnosed. This question is asked regularly, and these statistics are almost identical since 2013." If EFO notes, "the sacred connection between the Republicans and Republicans": Sarkozy, five years ago, is considered to be good with 80% and 61% of the voters in this constituency. And his position of former President is appreciated: Nicholas Sarkozy's attitude is that he is 59% to believe that Alicia's former tenant is consistent with his role.

An heir is released

Respondents do not believe in the hypothesis of Sarkozy's return, 63%. Including LR sympathy (56%) and François Philan voters (62%). Then who will take the torch? There will not be any difference in the tested personality: the former leader of Lair, Laurent Wauwiece and President of Il-de-France, Valerie Passcer, in tie, 38% of respondents; But the Mayor of Troyes, François Barrow, (37%) and Houghts-D-France's president, Xavier Bertrand, (36%) belong to them.

Debbie says, "it is a reflection of the leadership deficit at the right." Emanuel macron is also mentioned, not later (32%). Feature of more difficulties of Republican rights, which are elected and voters move towards the Presidential Camp.

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