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Telecom Italia's net loss is, it adds difficulties


Telecom Italia's net loss is, it adds difficulties

Milan-Telecom Italy (Tim) has already begun a shareholding of vendetti, Elliot's dealings, and the difficulties: The loss of assets in the third quarter failed to confirm its goal in 2018.

In the third quarter, the loss was € 1.4 billion. 437 million a year ago.

In the last nine months, it was 868 million euros (770 million US dollars), a gain of 1.03 billion euros in the same period as 2017.

Deals cost around € 2 billion.

Tim said she was not prepared to change the strategic priorities of the three-year project. These are the high prices of favorable quality frameworks and regulations.

In this background, the net net debt and EBITDA proportion have not been established by the end of 2018 by the end of 2017, prior to the acquisition of 5G in 2018.

This decision was explained by several factors including the failure of the golf power process (failure of Timm's obligations, Ed. Adverse competition, gaps related to the regulatory control of the domestic market, and the Brazilian real low price rate ".

In Italy, a team of French mobile operator Iliad has been in the team since June. Prices have been broken as has already done in France.

His accounts will be shut down in the coming months, with a grossing of 2.4 billion euros to 5G frequencies, which is actually much more than planning.

These frequencies were provided on the peninsula on the 1st of September – the wonders came to an end in October.

– "disastrous management" –

According to figures released on Thursday, TIMES 'income is 4.9 billion euros. 4.4 billion euros (4.4 billion).

25.2 billion euro debt and a billion euros a year.

"Despite the complex and difficult macro-economical and market frameworks, a transition performance in operational management is on the first nine months of the year," assured the Italian operator.

But these statements do not hide the difficulties affecting Tim Sex. Based on his results and perspectives.

Vincent, 24% operator of its capital, has lost control of the Board of Directors of Telecom Italia on May 4.

Eliotin's "free" list now has fifteen seats and fifty five. The conflict between two stock owners and their representatives is repeated.

"The new rule fails," Wendy's call for September, "Eliot's telecom was deeply concerned about Italy's disastrous management."

"The rumors, including the repeated excerpts from Amos Geneysin's director-general, are causing it to make a mistake and to adversely affect the effect of the mistake," Vincent Bolores's group added. From May to Tim in Stock Market

Elliot was amazed by the fact that he never thought that it was necessary to change the management. The current CEO of the Board has been appointed by the Board of Directors.

In late May, the French group had called for a new public meeting for Italy to sell Italy. The Italian newspapers have recently come up with an assumption.

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