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Test Match – France-Fiji: Island Probability – Test Match 2018 – Rugby

Two changes, and that's it. With reconciliation (by order of Fall by Meddie), it was guided by the responsibility of a compromise and the other (strategically required by Slimini's Gomes Sek), the strategic need of testing the Fijians in the use of closed scripts. . At least it can be said that we can not do Jacques Brunel to keep his opponents high, this is crucial in the overall evaluation of the trips in the third test. And apparently it was not wrong, Danny and Basie were kept in the ubiquitous management, Marcus, while they would not play for the third time and their clubs would have a strong need for them. Duplicate to negotiate this week …

Benjamin Fall and Maxim Medarde

Benjamin Fall and Maxim MedardeIcon Sport

Indeed, if the blues beat the Argentine in Lille (28-13) without any shot, then it was never the success of the eighth world nation in the ninth (which is more about knee), after five consecutive defeats. And the richness declared in Stade de France is historically low, due to not exceeding 50% of the filling, the mechanical role in the moment does not seem to be appropriate right to roll …

Difficult third tests

That is why, while confronting this old Fijian acquaintance, Brunel did not give timely journaling of Sirness to employees. "A group is building itselfThe coach said in the week. We have spoken a lot about backbone and we are trying to make the players try to find Stuttgubti and confidence benchmark. There are not many games left by the World Cup and it is always said that players have to live and play to find matches. " Selection and Preservation Selective by Captain Giridas

Test Match - Gilham Girardo (France)

Test Match – Gilham Girardo (France)Icon Sport

"If we made changes to make everyone happy, that would be worthlessCatalan confirmed The only way to create this group is to take them back when they do wonderful things. But I do not imagine that we can rest. We respect this physician we know better than anyone, we know their dangerousness in the attack. And then, we took enough slaps in the mouth for not to be polite.

The third test of November has dropped from the blues, who have not won against Samoan (22-12) since 2012. The ridiculous draw (blues) against Japan last year, against the Australia defeat in 2010, the blues won only two of the last nine "third tests". So, if they can improve their numbers a little bit …

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