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Thanks to his call, Locke was able to find his adopted sister, adopted


"I got great news, I got my little sister! Lane's spirit is clear this Saturday morning. At night, the 17-year-old was able to talk to some of her siblings, whom he separated ten years ago for adoption. For two days, his video posted on Instagram, which we echoed, has been viewed more than a million times, until, as he had hoped, his sister Marie-Anas. Fell to ena and give it recognition. Agree with a miracle "social network", High School Student montagelarda (Hautes-Pyrenees).

"In the comments, there was someone insisting, who wanted to talk in private." But I got a lot of messages and I just didn't see it, "said Lok, tired of his busy night, but very happy to find his family on Wednesday. His torture call was shared by a million consumers by young artists and reality starlets, all saying they were impressed with his story and the visibility Wanted to help them recover.

"I saw the famous message and we talked in private and then phoned in. And there … the suspicion didn't last! It was adopted in Brittany, which confirmed the only information about her after our divorce in the north. I told her about our mother's death. Or asked about the name of our former social worker, I didn't say it on social networks, so she wouldn't know otherwise, " Is. And to remember their difficult childhood, sleeping in their mother's car on a parking lot before putting it in the house. "I broke down, started crying for a long time," assumes the teenager who has moved thousands of French people over the past two days.

News of his other brothers and sisters

Another time, Marie-Annas also told her that he was in contact with four of his brothers and sisters from the Facebook group that he had now consolidated. Folk has already been able to talk to his 38-year-old father, David, and he had news of Margolin, whom he does not remember too old. Because some memories are vague and all the details that come with it upset him a little. "I'm not really coming back, that's crazy …" Everything went very quickly, and the folk slept a little since asked for two days. But the gathering paid off and the young man who helped him became confused as to how grateful he was.

Before that, he had "tried everything": "Ask for information in the townhouse, my orphanage (even if I'm not like them), check my file, socialize ASE (for social assistance childhood), they have no news for the prefecture. Make a call, do nothing, "he said in frustration. To those who doubt the truth of his story, he took the time to respond: "I don't want to be famous, I just want to find my younger sister," he insists, publishing several "adoption letters". By his family before his arrival.

He also transmitted his identification card and his adoption decision in Parisian, which he had to ask his parents. A "wonderful family," he repeated, who backed off when he announced the success of his video on Thursday to find his siblings. "My parents were understanding and happy, they even gave me ideas to try to find out! Glad to know at night he didn't know his life would rock.

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