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The commission for access to administrative documents represents "professional secrecy" against transparency


The unacceptable ending on the pretense of "business mystery" Based on the request related to Monday, November 26, available medical devices (defibrillators, insulin pumps, hip prostheses etc.), this is the answer to the Committee on Adoption of Administrative Documents (CADA). World During the "implant files" survey

This request was sent to LNI / G-Med in May, one of them is authorized companies to handle devices in Europe. They are called "proposed organizations". The only company in France, LNE / G-Med has an industrial and commercial (EPIC) public sector establishment, which is affiliated with the Ministry of Industry and is not a private company.

The 1978 law allows access to administrative documents that can be used, World L.E.E. G-Maid demanded a list of all the medical devices issuing certificates of the same certificate, which allowed them to sell in the market, and also gave list of denied devices.

"Responsible for the execution of public service"

After the organization refused, World CADA Six months after his final opinion, we received the first day of publication of "Implant Files". When KADA recognizes that LEN / G-Med, "Responsible for the execution of public service", Ensures that "The purpose of general interest in scheduling the quality and safety of medical products", She declares that the first list will be revealed "There is a possibility of weakening secrecy of business" By revealing the names of manufacturers. For the second, it could do Show under the possibility of harming the manufacturer's behavior ".

Non-transparency in the trade name was one of the main obstacles to 1,500 requests for access to public documents made during the international investigation.

Stefan Horrell

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