Saturday , April 1 2023

Two Telecom satellites are sold to Eutelsat


X crosskey – Three hotboat satellites produced by a benchmarket TV broadcasting station in the world, aimed to start two satellites by Eutelsat in 2022.

Airbus records the first order in the marketing of small telecommunication satellites. Airbus Defense & Space (DS), a subsidiary of the European Aerospace giant, is a French television operator, The new airbase developed on the European Star Neo platform represents the first commercial success of the new line of Satellite TVS satellite telelights. These 4.5 tonnes are used by a new design, new construction methods (especially 3D printing) and the fastest manufacturing chakra.

Eutelsat plans to replace two satellites with the launch of 2022, with three handbattle satellites creating a worldwide ballnet TV TV broadcasting channel and distributed thousands of channels worldwide to 135 million customers worldwide. In Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. The deal is 500 million euros.

London, the Ministry of Economy, Energy, Industry and Strategic Excellies will be signed Monday. Eutelsat's CEO Rodolf Belmore, "Director of Space Systems, Nicholas Chamkusi," and Airbus DS Space. In the midst of the crisis of the Theresa May, Teresa sends a message of confidence to the UK, the main partner of the European Space industry, as a major partner in the Airbus and Euceset. The European Space Agency actually participated in the European Star Neo World Foundation. Along with the French, the Kos and the European Space Agency (ESA).

The Toulouse includes the added, tested, and "satellites" made of "satellites" where space systems use 3,000 people. The Portsmouth Plant is a stevengate mission and the site, service and propulsion mode.

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