Saturday , April 1 2023

Upgrade Justice: Launch Discussions in the Legislative Assembly


Institutions are meant to change the institution in the twentieth century, which is reviewed by the judiciary, but criticizes judges, lawyers, and opponents.

"Strengthen and justify justice (…) We must take the brutal," the custody of Seals Nicole Bellautbeth is saved, and it is a feud in discussions that last weekend 16H00 in Helsinki.

According to the minister, this reform is "global and vital, designed for arbitration, which deserves justice" and "ideological considerations".

The first article to be addressed in the evening should be brought under the purview of an alternative law for the next five years. This will increase from 7 to 8.3 billion by 2022. .

These additional resources will create more than 6,500 jobs (1,100 in 2011), 7,000 new jail places, another 8,000 launchers and 20 closed education centers for minors.

This system is surrounded by different variations: particularly civil procedures such as divorce, criminal procedures are becoming more effective, new devices to investigators provide protection to victims.

This is a question for judicial implementation of judicial organisation, merger of district high courts, digitalization of procedures, diversification of juvenile offenders, and finally mitigating the burden of administrative courts. Honored Judges or Assistant Judges.

Other flagship measures include creating a National Anti-Terrorist Prosecution and the New Criminal Court.

– "completely manager" –

Senators have modified the lessons learned in the Palais Dutch Luxembourg in October. The minister's anxiety added, sometimes "their wealth became empty."

An advocate is also on an extension to reach the global budget of $ 9 billion.

They opposed the work of an Anti-Terrorist Prosecutor's Office and a procedure that will soon appear. Judge's space with privileges right now and between immediate and open up judicial information.

But these changes returned to the original text before the legislature's legislation was renewed with suggestions from MPs in the absence of the committee.

For example, work within the jail has been approved by the Amendment Committee in favor of integrated projects. It has been deduced for two years to apply for divorce. In addition, it protected rights of "protected persons", especially rights for the protection of guardians.

The CNL Reservation announced a further amendment from the majority LRM for expanding the possibilities of identifying the national automated DNA fingerprint through the DNA fingerprint.

Judges and lawyers who criticize "completely management" the project and misinterpret this lesson that supporting more "human and accessible" justice.

Fear of sites, others dematerialisation of the processes, the risk of digital divide, and others by denying the presence and control of judges.

Oppositions were crucial in committees in the Legislative Assembly. Jean Lewis Mason (LR) pointed out that "the effort of an unpaid budget".

"The equilibrium between the charge and the individual's freedom is the judiciary, the Socialist Seasonal Untermire.

The new places of the prison, Communist Sebastian Jumul, condemn "Ubiquitous Ugo Bernalicis" against "digging up courts".

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