Tuesday , August 16 2022

Vanessa Paradis reveals in the background of his co-operation with Samuel Benjrat


Just a few hours before the new album's release, Sources, Vanessa Paradis, Set of Set Off DailyThe questions about Samuel Benchrist, which helped him in the role of this character, could not escape.

Vanessa's paradigms are excellent in all respects. In film sets and stage, multifaceted artist has been able to continually self-reproduce. Because she did not release an album for five years, music studios abandoned her in her acting career, The Internet My photo Finally he decided to go back to his first love. On November 16, she will be unveiled SourcesHer personal album was written with the help of her husband, Samuel Benchrist. The director's director also wrote about half of the position in the film, taking on the importance of this theme, which has so influenced the woman in her life. "When I told them to think about the sounds I had heard, they started to hear me, ", He believed in innocent people Paris Match, Without much information being disclosed If I say so much more, I'm dead! " He declared.

Life, work, and both mates and both are well. Naturally, Vanessa Parade collaborated with one who shared his life. DailyNovember 15: " He wrote These simple words, He wrote words and music, this is a song, like a gift I think … It got so much, for me a lot of communication. It's a wonderful song, beautiful statement. I asked if I could record it … I did not read or write, and I asked them to write (…) with lots of talents and lots of skills The mother of Lily-Rose Depp said. In the first day of love, he met her husband in the depiction of the film NayTwo years ago, he lived in his most beautiful love.

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