Monday , July 26 2021

Video TPMP: Chroniclers reacted heavily to Iris Mittner's injury in denels

Thursday, November 22, the top artists on my post did not hide their anger regarding TF1 dance with you. For some of them, Iris Mittenner's injury may be a joke to the audience.

In the ninth season there were injuries Dancing with the stars. After Pamela Anderson and Terrence Tale, Iris Mittner made a big fear Viewers on Tuesday, November 20th Former Miss France violently attacked cocaine when her partner was trained to train with Anthony Coallet. Hospitalized, 25-year-old woman after going home. She must remain uncertain, Miss Universe 2016 quickly guaranteed its fans.

Iris Mittenner really has suggested that he will take part in well Semifinals DALS, Which will be on Saturday, November 24th. " I do not want to go, we have reached the semifinals, I will fight till the end! For all of you, Anthu and everyone who believes in me Explains a former friend of Cave Adams on twitter. Thursday, November 22, Cyril Hanawas and their subversives discussed the candidate's injury, If it dances in the next bonus, it can be removed.

" TF1 is offensive, they do TV, they have to tell the story »According to Geraldine Mallett

On the set of Do not touch my post, The team has mentioned to take over the Teaser TF1 Pictures of Iris Mittnerare's Ghana And announced the next bonus. Some columnists have indicated that they can be a possible stunt on the part of the chain. " Frankly, if it's a really serious thing, obviously it was very serious, she does not dance "Said Benjamin Castaldi. Mathieu Delmoreo made more decision afterwards. " Either that's what is very serious and in this case, keeping these images behind is uncomfortable & # 39; Time in Prime Time & # 39;Or she does not have anything and she's a fantastic staging. So in both cases, I admit that it is ridiculous "Really animator guaranteed.

" TF1 is offensive, they do TV, they have to tell the story Assured Geraldine maillet, similar Unhappy but less surprised. " It's absolutely misleading Eventually, Giles Wadez said himself to be true. Indeed, she is hurt and in this case, we are silent. […] It's shameful that they do what TF1 does. Either they play with the health of a person, or they cheat with the viewers, cheating people so people feel that they are depressed. "Other rank that should not be upgraded Relationship between Cyril Hanuma and the first chain of Europe …

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