Saturday , July 2 2022

Where are the lost of 518,000 listeners?


Europe 1 failed to correct its hearing. Nicos Effect did not work.

By the end of August, Europe lost two seasons before the competition. Within two months the radio had a loss of 518 00 within a year. For the first time in history, 6.2% fewer audience. The new boss of Europe's Lorand Gwimier wanted to re-broadcast the office in the morning station. On the short screen, he commissioned Nicos Alicaz, with the 7h-9h blue, which is expected to be near the audience.

In an interview given to Buzz du Figaro in late August, he took a risk and said "I know if we win our bet like the next weekend"

As a result, the morning of the Nicolas Alicasas, 154,000 disappeared, and 942,000 were collected in the average quarterly of an hour. But at the end of the season the season was far worse than Patrick Cohen, less than 1.1 million listeners every morning, more than Thomas Soto.

The morning march was recalling the highlight of a radio while running a new pad for the new grid. Laurence Bocoloni never worked 16: 17 between 17 and 17. His plan for cutting the Mathai Belayard's data from 17th onwards was cut short. Again, that does not work. In Europe noon 12 per cent lose to 1 pm and 163,000 are lost for hours. Europe 1 is out of competition. Between 4pm and 6pm, RTL's Les Grosses Tetes is 1.31 million people. France's Inter France French Charles has 591,000 average people. Surprisingly, NRJ hosted the coat for 17 hours, which immediately raised audience to 488,000 listeners. "Big Heads" still exist.

French, Inter and French culture welcomed the audience

Another rise in Europe's Grid, Caroline Dublin's vocals overrun the listeners of Europe, and 317 000 loyalists participated in the RT. In Europe, one-quarter of Sophie Peters's audience lost 308,000 people. In the nights of these nights, she was interested in raising her post in Europe as she slept at show in Caroline Dublin. One of the benefits of radio transmissions.

The whole Grid of Europe 1 decreased. Mathias Christmas (-22% of viewers) from May morning, Anne Roemanff (-16% of viewers) and Mathew Belly Yard-16% of viewers from 18 to 20 hours late at mid-morning)

About 1 million believers in Europe joined with France's public service and started public service. Within a year, 260,000 expatriates enjoyed a French culture and attracted 319,000 new listeners. The two stations were downgraded by Fran Info (191,000 listeners), and they benefited from internal transfers. But let's also imagine that Europe has decided to close the radius without disappointment. Because 455,000 people lost wave in public radio.

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