Monday , August 15 2022

Winey tells about the backdrop of NRJ Music Awards


On Saturday, RTL, singer and musicologist unveiled the final presentation of the last edition of the last weekend broadcast of TF1.

"Music on TV is always a complication, but here, today, it's finished, the guest We have TV This Saturday was particularly critical of Whitley's televised entertainment program. "My first TVs can ask me to play live, but that's a lot complicated now, because they can not afford," he said. He pointed out before pointing at the NRJ Music Awards. Last end TF1. "Fun, but nothing plays, everything is wrong."

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"Nothing played, everything is wrong"

Winey RTL on Saturday, November 17, 2018

He laughed at these performances presented in orchestral bands. "People are really singing, but behind them are fake music, it's very disappointing, it's a shame and music can never be forgotten with playback music," he said. "NRJ Music Award I know that I do not feel guitar is right, but first I fought, but I did not.

In the remaining sense of the interview Not there Last week, Nikolas Aligas announced the final ceremony of the event. "Some of the boxes are hit by cables," Voni said, without mentioning an artist. They are not always going on right now, because some are always alarmed. The proposal is very important, for which some of them are fighting, but serious! "

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