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World | Domestic Violence: He attacks his partner with slings, he dies


A 36-year-old man was found guilty for an aggressive attack on his girlfriend, 34-year-old seamstress and was imprisoned, found dead on his home in Saint-Michel-et-Chenwox (Main-at-lower) on Wednesday morning. ) Western Mail reports.

Unemployed, cannabis user and unfamiliar justice, the man himself was warning of relief, claiming that his wife was uncomfortable in bed. According to Engagers' public lawyer Yeves Gambert, firefighters later found a broken and broken finger in some parts of the body.

The couple was violently disputed at night on Tuesday nights or from Tuesday to Wednesday. The couple's 10-year-old son was present at the time of the incident but was not present in the scene.

He accepted to hit him with a bed batch and telescopic batten

The man told Gamdoms that he and his partner sleep differently. He admitted during the fight that he hit the partner with a bed batch from the old fellow spring and telescopic bats. He also said that he came to bring him a glass of water after his argument.

A autopsy was ordered and this was scheduled for Saturday.

Mobile remains unclear

"There are so many details to go there." At the time of death, medical examiner's analyzes do not agree with husband's statements, but he does not express himself very much. Angers' public prosecutor said that the mobile was specified.

According to the couple's relatives, the relationship between the man and his partner dating to 2003 and the last year was turbulent. They went to Saint-Michel-et-Chenvoice less than a year ago.

His child was safe.

According to the figures provided by the Interior Ministry, 1307 women died in France in 2016, 123 students, in 2017, their partner, former partner or boyfriend.

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