Saturday , April 1 2023

Yellow Westerners: A Brett Youtubeur cartonne in one of his galleries


"A million views in 24 hours … that's too big!" Bretton YouTube did not return to Mr. Sebi. That's not the end! On Monday, November 19, these figures went up with 1.6 million views.

Sebi has been resettled in the Rennes for several years from the Sai mountain. He publishes weekly dirty videos aimed at YouTube Audience.

SEBI has a total of 1,25,000 subscribers. / © Mr.
SEBI has a total of 1,25,000 subscribers. / © Mr.

At this time, the video is published and posted on its Facebook page. "I wanted to make a song of the Yellow West program, that's an important topic, He explains. To make a song there, it was a way to talk differently. "

Jean Jacques Goldman's sky

The young man went to spend time writing his song.

Their video was online at 6 pm on November 17th. "I went down 17 down from my house ", So let him begin with his first words He was born at Leidenstadt, 17 From Jean-Jacques Goldman.

Internet users will respond immediately. "Beautiful talent Mr. Sebi, … thanks to all Yellow Wests", Let's appreciate one."I love you, Bravo, big!", Encourage another.

Youtubeur says: "Every five seconds there were thirty games, video was recorded!"

Round 2

When Emmanuel MacRonnell was arrested by a worker and approached a councilor to enter a street, it was inspired by Zebiuk.

On Monday, November 19, the oil depot totell de Verne-sur-Sechey was going to block near Rennes to build a new video. "Edward / Yellow Westerners Round 2 will call this song. It will be released on the same day at 6 o'clock"He declares.

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