Saturday , June 19 2021

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In the new predictions, the drive now shares are not yet included in profits from sales.

(Photo: AP)

MunichSix outcomes in Germany's largest car rental company, corporate customers, private consumers, abroad, and rapidly growing demand in Germany and abroad. During the third quarter, CEO and major share holder Eric Screage reported a 10 per cent increase in sales. Tax is better than 15 per cent.

The drive from BMW's sales in BMW is not included in the 196 million euro profits. The rental flat is strong, but the load factor still rises. The development in the US is very happy. Sixty services above the national standard are non-investment and profitable.

The next year will have an additional 25,000 cars in America's flats. Compared to 50,000 cars in Germany The US market "will be the growth driver for a group of years," Sick said.

In the third quarter, rental and licensing grew by 18 percent to 789 million. Sales tax increased 27.5 percent to 155 million euros. In the past year, Group 2.3 billion euro has also sold 287 million units of sales.

In middle age, Sixk will benefit from buying a stop driver service from one day to four years. Six German airports flew over cars to hire and run on rented cars. The model will be launched in the coming years. The 74-year-old said that the company is not linked with his identity. He will go out "things are not fun".

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