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Adam asks Eve: Jina-Lisa LaFinpatt reveals the sexual relationship she has

Roads –

Some time ago, the Namdhanges celebrating "Adam" traveled to the Greek Aegenian Sea. Several candidates were forced to leave the ship. This is true for a new girl.

From the first season of Joe Sokolowski (29) you know from the film Love Island.


Jan Sokolowsky turns the heads of the girls.

The immediate immediate meeting of Jan Sokoloski

A new boat tour will be soon. She does not waste time, because Marina and an invite say: a place to sleep on her bed.

Anyway – the reality is to get in touch with reality shows, Evermore Eva still remembers it.

& # 39; Love Island & # 39; You were busy in front of camera, is not it? & # 39; Jen replies: "It's under the blanket, you did not see anything."

"What is Adam looking for": Marina asked about sexual sex

Since the first flirtation, Jan directly faces the challenge. He opposes the opposition of Martin, Maine, and Antonino.

While Adams is on the journey, Eve should spend time with himself. How much better than a round? By the way, "Adam looking for Adam" plays with a lip gloss.


Jennifer, Jenna-Lisa and Sherlin are the next figures.

Read here: The first Zoff at "Adam Atat Eva" in Martin, Jina Lisa

Kareena needs more explanation, this time she overcomes Jena Lisa.

She has restrained herself just before the jan. "How are you lying in bed? Come on, honestly 100?" The woman should be a diplomat.

Jina-Lisa Sates: "Even under 100s, I think."

Antonino was allowed to select the new "Adam's Adam Adam" candidate


Jan, Martin, Marvin and Antonino face the challenge.

The match in that land is temporarily determined by Antonano. As a reward, he allowed one of the two new women candidates to retrieve the balance between the woman and the man.

He chooses Jennifer for the Whale. Nakratirjan going to joy …

Since 2014 Adam and Eve

Since 2014, "Adam such an eve-paradise flourishes".

At the start of each episode, the single woman or spouse on the tropical island raft.

Near the shore, candidates come out completely and get water. Boys and girls first stand naked on the island in the beach.

On the island they want to know each other more. If they are getting better, they will have to go to a hotel and have another date.

Now two singles have been allowed to decide whether to opt for a shared hotel room or to leave the other night or day.

Distinguished stars of dating

2016 players allowed to be naked (read more). Seven celebrities of the 18 candidates are Leonore Barth, Jani Honscheid, Sarah Joel Janeel, Daniel Kolleer, Peer Kusmagg, Ronald Shill and Jinina Yousuf.

Adam first searches for Adam

Because a shooting kummag and a 25-year hornsheet are just a couple. Cassagac was separated from his 25-year-old girlfriend Anna. Because the age difference is too large.

Kusmag and Hensheid are now a baby (you can get all the information here) – the first "Ada looking to Ad"'s child.

All episodes of "Adam and Eva" are available only on TVS. 04.11.2018:


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