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Berlin: The famous musician (46) Suddenly dead – Not all concerts were canceled


Singer Astrid died on Tuesday (25.06.2019) on Tuesday.

© Dippa / Wolfgang Langensen

Spirit singer Astrid died at the age of 46 at the age of 46. On June 25, she died of a cancer that she was struggling for a year.

Her family announced her death on Berlin – Astrid's Facebook Fan page: "Austrian died on Tuesday in Benjamin Franklin Hospital, her family and friends have stayed with them for the last few weeks and days, to meet their last desires and to give them a sense of safety. To help, "he announced.

At the age of only 46, the Berlin soul singer died from pancreatic cancer. In the 1990s, when she traveled to Germany with "Band Selchured Morals", Astrid Knight became known and made it in charts with her biggest hits such as "Tick Talk" and "Kiss the Sheets".

Astrid diagnosed with cancer in Mest 2018

Since 2003, she is a solo artist on the road and would have given some concerts in July. On Ticketmaster, six scheduled performances in Berlin are still to be seen, but it was also canceled on the online portal – except for two evenings, where memories are now going on.

In the original Berliner case, the knot in the pancreas was discovered in May last year. He told fans on Facebook in December, and was removed in "very big and complicated operation". At that time, the North still seemed optimistic: "Next year, after radiation, then rehabilitation and then …. creativity!" She wrote.

Astrid received a promotion from Facebook on Facebook

Her fans often encouraged the musician. "Be strong, we will cross your fingers for you and secretly know that you should not go for long …" For example, a follower wrote. The other Facebook user gets the touching words: "You are a strong, weak, trustworthy woman. Thanks for sharing, thanks for the healing, love and power, prudence and light for you." Finally, singer herself has a picture with a bald head on stage Shares, which he removed kimono.

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