Thursday , June 8 2023

Brom Cleans fell to fifth place


Directly from the Newspaper Channel

Bochum (dpa) – In the second Bundesliga, VfL Bochum led the leap to third. SR The Rawar Club reached the dump 1-0 at the Damstadt 98 (0: 0) Monday. Between 11 to 5 points has been improved. Tom Wylant won the 12 022 audience in Ruhrstadion after winning three in the 62th minute.

"Today, I've worked really well and I'm shooting at the room and shooting the opponent's shooting is very beautiful," said Skycore. "Tom has made a good game today," said Robin Dutt. "It's good for us to win, we're always coming to our boys and we're always attracting our injured condition," coach said.

In Hessians, the last successful victory in Bouchu in June 1979, nothing had anything to earn. After scoring seven points from the last three matches, Lalin has 17 points behind. "They were a very successful victory in Bokhua, they were fine today," Dumstadt Tobias Kemi was suddenly acknowledged.

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