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Colorful, Sharp, Opacity – Jens Buchner – Partying Party for Panorama

Jens Buchner († 49): So there was a farewell party for "Good Jane"

On Saturday there was a farewell party for Jens Buchner. (Archive)

On Saturday there was a farewell party for Jens Buchner. (Archive)

Photo: Chris Emil Janu / Imago / Chris Emil Janben

  • Family and friends celebrate Janece Buchanan's farewell
  • Jens Buchner would have desired for the funeral
  • The party was intense, colorful and loud

Kela Bona. Jens Booker On November 17, the fight against cancer was lost and left quietly. On Saturday, family and relatives celebrated their departure – not very traditional. But she would have imagined the ethnic colonists ("Goodbye Germany", Vox).

Jens Buchner: Parting Party "Vague, Lively and Exciting"

No farewell party Jens Booker Took place in his family garden However, guests did not wear black dresses, but the party was faded, colorful and excited.

In an interview with RTL, Daniela announced BuchnerHow did her husband imagine her departure? "Well, just like her life, obscure, louder and excitant (…). In the same way we would have lived in black and wanted to serve the Memorial."

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RTL reports that Jens Booker Her friends and acquaintances are known as "mood makers".


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These guests are called Goodbye

About 30 people appeared at a party of farewell parties Jens Booker In Kela Bona, her family's residence Guests were Mark Terrenzie (40), club owner Marion "Cruel" Puff and Jungle Camp Star, Katia Wies (30).

His family and friends were his father and his best friend Julia Becker (34).

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Walks: A special issue of "Goodbye Germany"?

Nearly one week before the death Jens Booker TV station continued filming and went to hospital with him. According to VLX spokeswoman Nicholas Fattake, against the BPL newspaper, if it has made a decision for the "Jane Buaker" family, it may come at a given time in the special edition of "Goodbye Germany".

Daniela Buchner is currently in the discussion as a candidate for the upcoming Jungle Camp Season. So there is a lot to say that the family can be seen on TV.

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Jens Buchner: The Necklace Ash

Jens Bussheer was felicitated on Tuesday. Since then, the widow takes her to the chain around her neck. Buchanan's manager told that Daniela could always take her Jens closer to her heart.

In Germany it would not have dreamed. Cemetery compulsory people are forced to leave the remains of the body in a graveyard for health reasons – put them in a waist or a coffin.

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