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Construction survival game to play in endless mode


Frostank: Production Survey Game Soon to Play in Endless Mode

November 18, 2018 at 9:07 pm:

A moderate mode comes in the third free update of the cold survival strategy. More details on developer diary.

Production Strategy The game "Frostank" should take a free update over the next few days with an infinite mode. The update will be released later than the plan, as more content is reached as per developers.

In June of this year, 11-bit studios later added free saving mode (we reported). In September, the story of the development of The Fall of Winterhouse was released. More information on add-on can be found here.

New endless mode is divided into two sub modes: stimina, and serinity. Precautions are designed to be a challenge to expect events.

In the mode of mode, the player can grow and grow. The resources are abundant and the climate is not too pathetic.

The developer diary can be found in the video. There, the infinite mode has been presented in more detail.

Source: Dualshackers

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