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Croatia – Spain 3: 2, UEFA Champions League, Season 2018/19, Match Day 5 – Match Report


The first victory was the 3-2 win over Spain

Leverkusen Tin Jedwaj was the first to win the Nations League after Croatia's second goal injury. In the second season, after the Open Exchange, runner-up took 3-2 to Spain. Croatia won the finals of the 2010 World Cup to ensure the final against the group against England.

Tin Gedivaz

Leverkusen's gemvage celebrates the second goal.

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Croatia's national coach Dalek has been sent to field from eleven runners to the field. As usual, racketeering and Modick have two strokes. Frankenstein's Reebok, Hoffhimmis Kramaric Swirling, and Leadsk's Jedawaj bundlesliga triangle on the left.

Spanish referee Louis Enrique had a traditional 4-3-3 system: Sergio Ramos Billbois Martínez created a central defensive, taking the left position in the back of Jodi Albi, Aespa, Roderigo, Ischoe.

The first part of the Maximir Tournament at the Zagreb stadium is from the homepage. Perisic's five minute waiter was his first exclamation mark: intermediary, Barzas Sergi Roberto, pulled from the bottom of the line and withered away from the left corner. In his shot he led de Gia to a great parade through the Spanish goalkeeper, with the ball in the aluminum. Even after the initial excitement, the Vice-World Champion continued in the Spring, and repeated in the sixteenth of the sixteenth century, repeatedly in the wings.

Spain's difficulties

In the first 45 minutes, La Rose had a big problem with Sprl Croats. Within minutes, the Louise Enrique group found their interest to be in the opposite direction and really was not compulsory.

Open the Exchange in the second category

After the release of the two opponents went to work in the open surgeries. Sergio Roberto opened the scoring line crack after a match. The defender ball was completely blocked on Perusk's forehead. The lightning quickly switched off, striking off the floor. Hofnheimer had to keep free in front of the goal. Mesh (54) was trapped.

Enrique-Elf wakes up behind

In the direct returns, La Roche correctly answered: Sebaballs won their own title. Following their association with Aspas and ISCO, the club served fellow travelers – the contemporary of Real Madrid's midfielder (56th). After 1-1, Phase scored the second goal and included the guests.

Before and after the second half

The crotchers still worn with German stars smiled with cheerful smile. After completing a corner, Modick was left in the Spanish defense team. As a result, went backwards. In the 75-minute long fight, But after three minutes Versaljo reached a penalty area in penalty square in penalty square. The heartbeat in Belarus's referee Kubelkov's hand (77.)

The gedival is back again

In the final stages of the clocking season, Croatia won the chance to win. Lucky Punch reached the jadhav in the third minute of the last minute. De Gay played a shot from the brackalo of the Golden Wolfsburg. After winning the Jacob's Glass Win in World War II, German took the lead in the first match.


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