Sunday , August 7 2022

Dealer welbled as you see on the way to bankruptcy


AUrsberg (dpa) – Well-ordered mail order company Wellbled is in a good way in four years for the bankruptcy. "We closed the bridge as a gift," said CEO Christian Silor, "the Observer Allmanain" (Saturday). «Tourau Success. Things grow and we are down. "However, Seler agreed that the bottom remains low and the branches are closed.

Sailor said the rise of online trade in the annual turnover of 440 million euros is rising sharply. "We're going over 80 percent". Amazon is looking forward to keeping Germany's online book mail order the second richest businessman in the world. The goal is to assist the media sector with in-house production, such as special candles or salute cards. "We turn to worldview," said the CEO. "Conversion and integration process is in progress."

After the paparazzi in early 2014, many of the shops owned by the Catholic Church, active in the online trade and trade media dealer, were either shut down or sold. Meanwhile, Wellletbudd Dasseldorf's group involves most of the group.

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