Friday , August 19 2022

DHB-Elf against Netherlands won a proud victory


German U21 has already qualified for the European Championships. Nevertheless, the inspection against the Netherlands was particularly a blast. Finally, Germany will win.

The European U-21 champion Germany celebrated an honorable victory in the last home of the year. Steffen Kunnen's coach was selected in the final in Italy and San Marino for 7 hours. West Indies won 3-0 at home. At Offenbach's Philip's sound was in the 15th minute before 4,813. In the 15th minute, Abdulhambi Sabi made 58 and Toro's knock 80 runs.

From the point Ochs ice cold

He made his debut 35 years ago in Bundesliga and the goal-winning goal of the tournament was called at the Football Stadium to start the European Championships. Holland, 18.30 Clock / Europortport) Italy, one year away from European championship tours in England in March.

Stephen Kung's team has seen the best game. (Source: ingo / jan hbnner)Stephen Kung's team has seen the best game. (Source: Jan Huben / Image)

Youngsters in the Dutch national team, Hamburger Rick van Drongling, became very young. A shot of Danny De Witt Saawat Serdar decided to choose a referee Julia Weinberger Handball from Austria.

Ochs secured the third goal in the eighth U21 tournament. The Germans had the chance to score before the break, but the German team had a good advantage.

Knöll 3: 0 have arrived

The Kidas Kicker performed well in the event of a break, with a lot of opportunities. Opener Gautam Gambhir and Virender Sehwag (47), Lewin Ottanalie (49) and Jani Serea (51) Sabiree (Huddersfield Town) then got a corner on 2-0. The first goal of the DFB was in the second match.

In the second half, former striker Patrick Cloewveter's son Justin Clivewart is replaced by Savanne Breedden (F St Poly) in the second half. Meanwhile, Knol (1. F Nuremberg) was happy about his performance, rising to 3: 0.

The goalkeeper paved the way. Torres Knol (l.) Played for Germany 3: 0. (Source: imago / Jörg Schüler)The goalkeeper paved the way. Torres Knol (l.) Played for 3: 0 for Germany. (Source: Jorge Schüler / Image)

Kendras is waiting in the European championship next Friday at Bonnona when the end of the game at Reggio Emilia in northern Italy. It is clear that the opponents will be in the final round from June 16 to 30.

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