Tuesday , February 7 2023

Eldi's heat offer is shameful to himself – and should accept error


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Germany has a wave of heat. There are many summer and travel offers in Sudi Sud. Customer enjoys on Facebook about the product of "classification of travel".

Malham – Summer, Sunshine, Sunshine: The heat flow is rising in Germany. This week also should be 40 degrees warmer. Many were waiting in the summer after a rainy spring. Who is not to be stable? It does not have to be abroad, the exit from the city also gives holiday feeling.

Eldi Sud: The classification of the strange travels and the suspicion that it can withstand heat

Of course, many sun worshipers and travel fans can earn a lot of money. Many discounters remove everything from food, which can be silent, as well as Eldi Sud. There are also trolley, digital cameras and travel iron in the classification of the so-called travel on discount.

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On Thursday, June 27, there is also an ice cream offer. A resourceful customer noticed this and it turned to Facebook by the Eldy Sud. Magdalena A. Scribble: "I found in the application: I know that this week is going to rise in temperature, but I think this 'classification of travel' will last for a very long time? #Is GehmAmmer # But Ihhndagakaceta Dangerous"

Eldi Sud's Social Media Team Provides Feedback

Eldi Sud's social media team quickly responds to their post and Magdellane A Answer: "Oh, that's right, we pass your feedback directly." The customer does not have to worry about the baggage of his hands. The snow closes and should not be leaked at least, even if it melts at high temperatures.

Heat-free in the office and school: What temperature is allowed to go from it?

How can you tolerate heavy heat?

Many people in the summer ask themselves: Is the office free of heat? And if so, how many degrees? We will tell you what rights you have as an employee. And what about heating tips? Many of them are stupid: Meteorologist Jorge Kettleman does not mean less words. Swiss has warned harder words before heating tips, which in its opinion could end up mostly for the old people.

Video: Heat – They should definitely do it now


Along with the festive shop, Aldie was introduced in "Southside Festival" in 2019. It makes the leadl long. The rebel equips visitors of "Rock Eye Park". There is a lidal edge in the customer's rating for a reason.

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