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FAU: Herpes fight with the body's own protein


Most people take helpless viruses in infancy. After a single infection, the virus has life in the body. It is also active in the development of various diseases such as Hepes Simplux virus, Hepes simplux virus, viruses in water area, chickenpox, shinpils, epstein-bar virus. Although herpes viral infections have not had a significant impact on many health problems, patients with severe compromised immune systems, such as transplantation, have difficulty controlling the virus. This can lead to rejection responses and critical organs, including death.

TRIM43 detects herpes viruses
To protect the herpes viruses, researchers at the Erlangan Institute of Viral Institute of the University Hospital are looking for endogenous proteins that can stop the virus. "We have an interest in preventing internal immune system and protein elements from increasing the virus directly into cells", Dr. Says Med. Full. The research team was called TRIM proteins. The trim stands for the "three-dimensional substance", a three-part protein sluice that is capable of combining other proteins and lowering their strains. One of the earlier TRIM43's proxies is shown to show that another cellular protein is caused by a cellular protein. The collapse of the positantran leads to changes in the nucleus architecture, thus preventing viral infection. TRIM43 was active against all herpes viruses in the study.

New treatments are expected
As a result of viral infections, TIMILS produces large amounts of cells. "In normal cells, TRIM43 may not be able to see, but after a viral infection the tissue is over," Dr. Full. Dr with cooperation. Klaus Cong, Head of Virus Diagnostics at the Viralical Institute, Prof. Dr. Med. Michael Stur, head of Molecular and Experimental Surgery in Surgical Clinic, Dr. Harris, University of the University Hospital Erlangen University Hospital. Robert Gruetsman, Research Team Research team. Tumor cells can be detected by a herpes virus. "This proves that TRIM43 plays a role in infection in humans, and hopes that the new virus will be able to develop its herpes viruses." Florian completes the study completely.

In addition, a team of researchers demonstrated the production of TRIM for a viral infection according to DUX4. In normal conditions, life can survive only in the development of early embryo. Why herpes viruses infection can lead to the activity of the Ibriáninian gene Dux 4. Is this a defensive response that is not resistant to viruses? A new research project at the University of Erlangen University's Medical Center for Clinical Research, Erlangen-Nürnberg at the University of Frederick Alexander, was in the limits of two and a half year sub project.

Scientific activities Professor Dr. Michael Gack (Harvard University, Boston, USA, University of Chicago, USA), Professor at the Erlangen Virouical Institute of the University Hospital Dr. Army Essar continued.

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