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Friedrich Merz: The millionaire of the middle class – he achieves this much


If the "show today" targets a politician, he himself has made a big mistake. This week the CDU leader Fredrik Mers was also present. Now he is amazed at what he deserves to say in a question of "build" readers. According to the press release, the politician who wants to be Angela Merkel's leader is a mystery to her income for many years. He has now revealed this.

He says "BamS" and he certainly gets a million euros a year. Black Rock Mers earned only 125,000 euros a year. Toilet paper manufacturers such as Wipa Industrial Holding have 80,000 euros, HSBC Trichosos Bank 75,000 euro and Colon / Bonhom GHHL airport 14,000 euros. Merz does not provide details on other supervisor board mandates and consultancy matters.

Friedrich Merz: Millions of middle class

In conversation with "build" readers Merz was considered in "high middle class". At this annual revenue? It seems that he does not present this term in financial matters. "For me, the social center is not a economy: my parents, including the middle class, the middle class, enthusiasm, discipline, dignity, respect, and any sort of recognition you get back to society", "Mrs. Bums said." If you see upper class or upper class , I have so much money or company Ramparyamayi who enjoyed the life of the people, it is not so in my case. "

Although Merz wished to sell as a man of the people: he had no connection with the middle class. Sociologist Gerhard Bosh, from the University of Dusbourg University, points to "Suduussese Zeigung", according to "every definition, Mir Merz," said. With a middle class earning between 1300 and 2700 Euros, a four-year middle class family has more than € 5700. Mers plays another league with an average income of € 83,000.

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