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Exane BNP Daimler & # 39; Lift and set a target of 64 euros

Parsis – French investment bank Eden BNP Paribas upgraded Dimerler from neutrality and raised the price target of € 62 to € 64. The new management team of new product makers since last May sold off the sale of cheaper stocks. Stuart Pearson wrote in a study published Friday. The dimensions of Daimler's mobility services can also be reduced.

Linea will be reduced to neutral and will be completed in € 34

In the third quarter from Mainframe "Outfearform", Leany was reduced to "neutral" and reduced its price target to £ 34 per pound. Analysts wrote in a study on the Florian Treas Friday that auto parts supplier had poor performance and had warned profits. In the second half of the year, the sales were not marketed after the best year last year and the good start of 2018. He rejected his Operating Registration (EBIT). There is nothing to change the best in the coming quarter.

Free Research German Eurotope holds

Frankfurt: In the third quarter, you can buy & # 39; Click & # 39; Buy & # 39; The Independent Research Index dipped between € 39 and € 31. Analyst Markus Riazalman wrote in a study conducted Friday, although real estate investors have done better in shopping centers. However, after the start of the stock market turbulence in October, the stocks did not come down.

Evilik & # 39; Neutral & # 39; Citigroup aims at € 29 in exchange for this

To buy the US bank City Group Group "Neutral" made from Evonik type and lowered its price target from 36 to 29 euros. Analyst Thomas Reggilsworth wrote a study on Friday and is now more focused on the product range in the Specialistic Chemicals Company. Together with the reduction of property, the nails reflecting this revenue also obscures the viewpoint of free cash flows.

Commerce Bank will reduce RAN-CLIne to € 19 and reduce its target

According to the "Hold" quarterly figures, Commerzbank dropped to RHÖN-KLINIKUM to "lower" and dropped from € 25 to € 19. Due to the results of the German hospital market, the Clinic Operator Oliver Matser has reviewed the results. When taking into account the purchasing power of surplus hands, the value of the stock seems to be very expensive.

Independent research has been put in place by the K +S

Frank Furst – Free software research executive K + S (K + S) upgraded after "weak" third quarter figures from "to sell", but its price was lowered from 18 to 17 Euros. Due to drought in Germany, business development has been difficult for product loss. An avowed Seven Dremer wrote a study published Friday. He reduced revenue in the stock market, but gave the first indications to 2019.

The Kepler Dialog Semiconductor & # 39; Holder & # 39; Targets in 25 Euros

The Kelpler Chevrolex Dialog Semiconductor was raised from "few" to "hold". The price of the price increased from € 20 to € 25. The unpredictability of iPhones and semi-cycle cycles has become unpredictable, but Apple's distributor's stock is shrinking to save another major decline, according to a survey by Sebastian Mastabeches, an analyst. He does not expect to be as important as the previous one.

Waderberg Research

Hamburg – Cancom (CANCOM SE) raised from "Buy Cap" to QF quarter and changed the price to € 40 per hour. After a strong third quarter, the IT service provider must be excavated in the last quarter with the Cloud Provider. Anthros Wolf wrote in a study on Friday. After the rearranging of the price, the capital of the papers was again attracted.

Goldman Lower Towers 9 USD for General Electric – & # 39; Neutral & # 39;

New York: American investment bank Goldman Sachs' General Electric (JIN) has been cut by 12 to 9 dollars. There are more questionable questions and more questions than answers, writes Jr. Richard, a reviewer on Friday. The headquarters of the financial services arm of GH Capital,

In the Goldman & # 39; Conversion paylist & # 39; Nvidia disrupts the target

New York: US Investment Bank Goldman Sachs Nvidia at the & # 39; Conversion Build List & # 39; Excessive. The price target was reduced from $ 283 to $ 200. Together Toshiya Hari wrote a study on Friday that his role is completely wrong. The stock price was reduced by 15.5 per cent after the "Consolidation Bill list" entrance. He underestimates the scope of storage in GPUs for gaming applications. Now the stock is up to 20% new, lowest price target, only a "purchase".

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