Wednesday , September 28 2022

General Motors: Donald Trump threatens to cut subsidy


US President Donald Trump has threatened car company General Motors (GM) with cancellation of subsidy. "General Motors and Bose became very disappointed with Mary Barra so that she shut down plants in Ohio, Michigan and Maryland," she wrote on Twitter.

He reminded that after the financial crisis of 2008, GM was eliminated by the President Barack Obama's government by the rescue program. "We have been saving US General Motors and thanking you for that! We are now planning to cut all GM subsidies, including electric cars."

GMA announced on Monday a cut to local production and therefore reduced the number of jobs by 15%. Seven factories, including four in the US, have to be closed. The main reasons are that poor car sales and content costs have increased in the absence of smaller cars. Important early products for the automotive industry, however, became more expensive, for example, due to special tariffs on steel introduced by Trump.

Herbal Trouble for Trump

Trupt tweeted, "I am here to save American workers here, already threatened with results in the Wall Street Journal on Monday." He informed that he called the company's CEO Mary Bera and said "very hard" about the savings plan.

GM Bose supported revolutionary restructuring and intensity plans with the need to adapt to the changing market conditions. In the future, GM will focus on producing the most popular off-road SUVs and pickup trucks in the US.

The group wants to promote the development of self-driving vehicles and electric cars. The company wants to reduce the production of traditional small and medium sized cars on the other hand.

For Trump, divorce is a big rage – she is a US citizen. The industry has promised to help in greater recovery and to create more jobs than any American president.

However, commercial disputes arising as part of the "America First" policy have significant negative consequences for American car makers like GM and Ford so far (read more about Donald Trump's compilation here).

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