Saturday , June 10 2023

Greens continued to popular


Alliance 90 Greens

According to M & M, 22 percent of German voters are now voting for the Greens.

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New YorkThe Greens continue their high-profile aircraft. The institute Eminod, a polling opinion poll conducted by Build Am Sonantag, rose 22 per cent. This is the highest since April 2011.

At the same time, 25 percent of German voters will vote for CTU / CSU. When compared to last week, the SPD rose up by one point and now stands with AFD. Nine per cent for the Left, FDP eight per cent and one per cent.

Particularly women argue for further progress. In this election group, the Party was able to win the union and give a strong force of 28 percent of the vote.

On the other hand, the CSU is slow. Hurst Sehofer stands behind the bad CSP in state elections in Bavaria (minus 10.4%). Criticism loses significantly. He said that the KSU would not be presided over and that the Home Minister, who is now the head of the party, would remain.

Sioufar wants the solution of the party. Sophocon next to "Build Am Sonagag" is a close friend. If not these, he would like to draw a clear line in two offices.

The pressure of Seohofers will increase. Because the sister party's CDU will have a change. Chancellor Angela Merkel has announced that she will not work for the party's national president. Three politicians now have three blocks to be the successor of the bride.

According to an Eminem survey of Freddie Mersey for CDI president Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. 32% of the surveyed candidates will elect the General Secretary of the CDU as Merkel's successor.

MERS was the leader of the former union unit at 30 percent. Last week, Merz was reported to be 37-28% before artificial-curved booze trees. In the previous week, healthcare minister Jens Spani increased by nine percent by 13 percent. 15 per cent can not choose "over a third".

The head of the union section in Bundestag's Ralph Brinkhas new CDO chairman should not affect the work of a large ally. "There is a lot of confusion about candidates for the president, but we're slow about speeding at the speed of the legislation," he said, "the vet aam sontag".

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