Friday , August 19 2022

iPhone X: Smartphone nach Update iOS 12.1 Explodiert – Digital


Samsung hatte das Feuer-Problem zuhauf beim Galaxy Note 7, ehe es mit update update behave wurde. Jetz did not spin a blast at Apple.

Einem nutzer des iPhone X is now updating the iOS 12.1 das Smartphone explode. Das Gerät has original designer, and Apple's Steckdose gehangen, als es passierte.

"Das update war abused, and the smartphone is going to be the smartphone, the beginner and the fisherman," said Gadget360 "gadget360" from Washington. Straight up to the Stromnetz getrennt. Es sei "sehr heiß" gewesen. Das iPhone X habet an undefined undefined undefined

Twitter has been featured on the Apple Wireless website and features the Luxus-Handys.

If you want to find out what you want to do, please see the "Definitive Officer of the Verhalten" and see the Nutriculum.

There is an update to the previous version of the update, which is unklar. Soon you will find a smartphone with Apple and send it to your Schneider.

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