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Low fat carbs – just a calorie count


All calories do not necessarily affect our weight

Foods are like sand. Every week we add new ones. Who should keep track of? Recently, large-scale nutrition studies have found that many of the secondary foods have long been found to diagnose foods in order to reduce weight. It was found not only to lose weight but also to reduce calories. Although all partners have taken the same amount of calories within 20 weeks, the lowest of a particular group.

A US research team at Framingham State University in Boston Children's Hospital has observed a diet rich in 20 weeks. During this period, body weight, insulin levels, metabolic hormones and calories were measured regularly at intervals. It is important that weight loss is important when calorie intake. Recent research results have been published in The BMJ.

Which is the best food to lose weight? Calorie is not just about the researchers found. (Photo: exclusive-design / fotolia.com)

Obesity and obesity – health problems continue to increase

In the United States and Germany not only health risks increase. Obesity promotes a variety of heart attacks, hypertension, diabetes and depression (obesity: depression can cause depression). Doctors and scientists understand that it is effective enough to combat it. Diet is a good way to reduce weight, but for many, success is low. A few months later, the weight is again, and sometimes even higher.

Which is the best food to lose weight?

Which is the best food to lose weight? This question was answered by a group of American researchers. She applied for three diabetes in a section where the sufferer suffered from 20 weeks. The University has provided full nutrients to ensure that all partners receive the same amount of calorie.

Three diets – the same calorie count – different body weight

Participants are divided into three groups. One group had 20% carbohydrate, second carbohydrate and 60% carbohydrate food. The calorie connection is the same in all three groups, but the participants in the lower carbohydrate group show the longest and lightweight body weight.

Calories are not the same as calories

Researchers found that calories from carbohydrates can lead to rapid fatigue. "Carbohydrates increase the insulin levels at the meal and remove the fat cells to collect more calories," says the Director of the Research. Medical doctor David Ludwig is a press release in the study. The rest of the balance will be less calories than the rest of the body. Result: Metabolism increases slowing down and starvation, so nutritionist. In this situation you can earn weight faster.

Low carb groups lose weight

According to the researchers' records, the total energy cost of the group with low carbohydrate food is the highest in 20 weeks. Participants follow a carbide diet at 250 kcal per day less than carbohydrate intake, with average body weight and calorie intake. At the beginning of the study, people with insufficient insulin were more complex. Here, the low carb column burns about 400 calories a day.

Carbohydrate insulin model

Studies have shown that carbohydrate intestine model suitable for obesity therapy is ideal. Researchers have found that eating carbohydrates can lead to high production of insulin. It promotes the development of fat stores, slows down the metabolism, defends the deterioration, and promotes starvation. "Our observations challenge our belief that all the calories in the body are the same body," says study curation director Krabe Ebling. (VB)

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