Friday , June 18 2021

Malaria Report by the World Health Organization | TIME online

Maputo (AP) – About 400,000 people each year die from malaria infections. The fight against mosquitoes is important Africa Difficult.

World Health Organization (World Health Organization) The new annual report will be presented for mosquito control of malaria. The WHO has warned a few days ago.

In the annual report published by the World Health Organization, there was a slight increase in the number of cases. In 2016, 216 million cases have been reported in 91 countries. Five million more than last year. About 450,000 people died due to malaria. Most of them are in Africa.

According to the World Health Organization, half of the global population is malnourished. Empirical methods and methods of treatment in Africa are also rich in rich Asian and Latin American countries. Malaria comes through the bed of Anafis mosquito bites. There are a number of pathogens called plasmodium.

Malaria, fever, anemia, and often nervous system. If it does not treat it, it may be dead.

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