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Mario and Ann-Catherine Goetz: first look after the wedding – and her dress is attractive


After the wedding of Mario Gotz and his N-Kathryn dreams, his honeymoon was enjoyed in Ibiza. But there is no question of cozy unity: Now newborns have come together with Manuel and Nina Nair.

Hot kisses, dancing and less than three wedding dresses: Star footballer Mario Gotz (27) and his wife Ann-Catherine (29) shared the fanboys with the official wedding video on the most beautiful day of their life. Already last year, the couple had married a citizen on June 19, now they secretly receive a big wedding ceremony in Mallorca – and soon afterwards flew to the honeymoon on the Bayeric island iBiza.

But, who believes that two love-wives waste only romantic time after marriage, they are cheating For the first time after the marriage, both people appeared again in public – with their friends Manuel (33) and Nina (26) Nair. At the top of the video, we will tell you what four people in this island did and why Gotz's beautiful wife, Anne-Catherine, came in attractive looks.

In 2018 the marriage was canceled

And last summer all should be about love. But the short-notice mega-break has been canceled! In 2018, Ann-Catherine had to stop her long-planned marriage because her lover's career plans were given priority.

Ironically, on July 18, the day scheduled for her wedding, Gottesus Club Borussia Dortmund went to a nine-day training camp on the east coast of the United States., There, 27-year-old Borussia coach wants to recommend Lucien Favre,

One decision that was easy, especially for Anne-Katherine. But it also shows: In the good and bad times – she is standing by her Mario.

What a sight! Nina Near came to the wedding of White Gotz – and with a wonderful neckline as you can see below.

Oh, la, la! He celebrated the marriage of idols with this stunning dress

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