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Membership for 1 Euro Offer


Xbox Game Pass: Approval 1 Euro offer

09. November 2018 18:09:

Microsoft now lets you subscribe to an Xbox game pass for one euro now. Long term membership has been abandoned by new members and players.

Players who want to dive in the game will either pass a little bit to Microsoft or subscribe to a low rate of service.

Because, on 3 January 2019, you can use 1 euros Xbox game per month. Monthly membership is € 9.99.

Offer: Pass the game into 1 Europa Europe

This can not be a rejected offer because you can not access a subscription with some recent games like "Seal of Thieves", "State of DJ2" and "Forora HorizonSan 4". As suggested, the offer is valid until next year, so you may have enough games for Christmas holidays.

Note the best print: "A month's Xbox game offer is only valid for new subscribers or users who canceled their subscription prior to September 30, 2018. If you subscribe to the Xbox Game at the current monthly rate, you will be billed (subject to change) if you do not stop."

Xbox Game Pass: In November, the scooter Elite 4, Shelter and more

What games will be included in the Xbox 360 game in November? Microsoft has given this answer. For example, call "sniper elite 4" …

At the afternoon we reported that publishers and console manufacturers earn a lot of money by using subscription services such as the evening games and PlayStation. There is no service in front of rabbits, you will learn in this message.

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