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Mick Schumacher starts in Formula 2 in 2019


After winning the title, Mick Schumacher will leave Formula 3. The son of the record world champion will start in the upper class next season.

Mick Schumacher has turned gear on his carefully planned career path in Formula 1 and will take part in Formula 2 in 2019 with Prema Racing. "It's a logical step for me," the 19-year-old Formula 3 European Champion has been cited on the team's official announcement on Tuesday: "Because I want to continue improving my technical experience and driving skills."

After the second great part of the season in 2018, Schumer won the race one after the Formula 3 and won the championship at the end, during which it was speculated that he could immediately go to F1. But he will endorse his career plans till now, because Shumakar junior has so far been built with peace and intellect.

In 2015, the son of Formula 1 world champion Michael Schumacher was seen under his real name in the first scene. The golden mick was 16 years old when she was an ADAC. In the Formula 4, the well-known name "M. Chumakar" entered with. Until then, he received the first name, "Mick Junior" or "Mick Betsch", his mother Corinna's first name in Cart. Two years ago, Schumas scored Formula 4, two more Formula 3 years, so the next phase has now come to light.

Of course, Schumacher has this big name, and the course is done with his father, it is inevitable. He can handle this pressure well, at least he gives this impression from the outside. In the RTL documentary, she said, "There is no problem in comparing my father, because my father is the best, so that's my role model." Apart from that, another world champion also compares to my father.

You can call Schumacher a "no"

This famous father asked him questions from one of his many visits to the Karen track in Karen's track: "Do you want to do this professionally now?" Mick wanted, and still this is a big dream, this big goal is Formula 1, which makes it no secret. "I did not disperse from it", he told SID already in 2017.

Schumacher's name does not only guarantee driving skills but also a great advertising value, so big teams like Mercedes and Ferrari already have their own place carefully. Schumacher's car was powered by the last Mercedes engine, his contact with Silver Arrows is very good, and Ferrari team's chief Maurizio Arivieb has also noted that you rarely have the shimmer & # 39; s & # 39; Can say.

The F1 driver's license has passed

Super license, "driving license" for Formula 1, Mick Schumacher has already won the European Championship in Formula 3 and is probably praised by his former team's boss Fritz van Amersfoort: "Mick has always shown that he wants to know it A racing person who works a lot, uses her head. "And her gas legs. Coming soon in Formula 2

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