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Munich: Rape on Girl (11) – Fear of new details from suspicious biography


A man with a wolf mask was raped in an eleven-year-old girl in Munich. A suspect with a criminal record related was arrested.

  • An eleven year rape took place in Munir-Augsing on Tuesday.
  • The culprit was running
  • In a press conference, the police report crime and crime.
  • On Thursday, the police said that a suspect can be arrested.
  • There is a criminal record related to the detention
  • Update June 29 to 10:45 pm: This Picture on Sunday According to the sheet research, the man had already passed on to the child in 2000, in the murder of an 11-year-old girl in Munich-Organizing, about new, traumatic details about the suspected case of rape. At that time, she raped 14-year-old granddaughter without drinking alcohol while making "a known food billionaire". This man has multiple pre-public sex offenders.

    It is already known that the 43-year-old was classified as non-hazardous (see update for June 28). The picture suggests that the suspect tried to "gladden" therapists and prosecutors with apparently harmful behavior. A psychiatrist's employee described man as "bizarre, innocent and infant".

    In the meantime, the decision backed by a specialist inspection clinician is reviewed, which does not consider a person to be "dangerous for a long time." If the investigation process declares deficiencies, then "the results are examined by responsible authorities are examined."

    11-year-old raped in MUNIAN – According to experts, the suspect was safe

    Update on June 28, 6:05 am: Experts have also been hurt in the charge of suspicion. Because: then TZ– Information Christoph K. Was released from prison.

    After nine years of the last abusive act, reviewers rated 43-year-old as non-dangerous – and ordered them to do an easy level dd for them. This means that trained technical draftmen lived in the therapeutic residential community and they were allowed to act as a facilitator at the initial stage before the boycott. Christoph K. A stranger went out and got a vacation to try in his own apartment. An insider says, "In fact, he had been in freedom for years." TZ,

    Meanwhile, police Christophe K. After securing cell phone from TZ– The information was reset to factory settings and is now being investigated. Until this Friday, investigators also visited S-Bahn residents and guests, but: wolf masks are not found yet.

    15:42: 43-year-old suspected mental hospital has been kept in a closed ward. A judge had on Friday issued a warrant on Friday, police said. Germany was told to be in a mental hospital in Munich.

    Update June 28, 2019, 14.55 to: A warrant has now been issued against a suspected person arrested in the murder of 11-year-old rape in Munich. Police informs Munich

    Meanwhile, the police investigation continues after the arrest. For example, the researcher group Wolf's officials have continued to trace and evaluate the target. In the area of ​​S-Bahn station Fasagarnan, passengers were also asked on Thursday that they had made observations on Tuesday that could be related to crime. In addition, the residents' crime scene was approached nearby.

    During this time 78 investigative groups can be compiled by Wolf. According to the police the assessment continues.

    105th of the eleven year olds and their families are cared for by the officers of the commissioning, prevention and victimization.

    11-year-old rape in Munich – warns Bairstorm allarverband to further investigate

    Update June 28, 2019, 6:46 to: After eleven years of rape in Munich, the Bavarian Parents Association demanded a continuous review of the case. A 43-year-old girl should have pulled up on Tuesday in Basash on Tuesday and sexually abused her. It is according to the criminal records corresponding to the investigators and was kept in the psychiatry hospital for many years before being in the therapeutic residential community. The German press agency, Martin Lowe, state chairman of the parent organization, said "There is definitely a separate case that is not." Now there should be a careful examination of where and where the mistakes were made in the assessment of man. By now, it is possible to guess about the failure.

    The Muneen-led Wolf mask wanted to arrest the rapist

    6pm: According to tease information, suspected 43-year-old Christophe K. , Which is a multiple convicted sex offender who is already in jail and psychiatry. DNA Tracees brought the investigators to their track. Apart from this, they recognized him on video footage because he followed the girl at 20 meters.

    On Thursday morning, investigators found that in their apartment near Grossarde Tried to arrest, but did not meet him there. Then they went to their jobs in the Munich district. Christoph K. Tried to escape Ignace Rabe, head of the sex workers' protesters said, "But officials stopped him and liked him." At 10 o'clock, make handcuffs.

    Who is the animal with wolf masks? Christoph K. Was born in Munich and spent his entire life in the state capital. He completed the training as a technical draftman, recently He worked as an assistant. According to the investigation, the rapist had hit the girl at home from home and thrown him to the ground and misused her on the connecting route to Ami Settlement.

    Suspicion once sexually abused the child

    It's not his first offense: Christoph K. in February 2010. By the Munich Regional Court, the child was sentenced to four years and eleven months for sexual abuse. That He had to go to jail because he passed the baby 17 times.

    After the detention, K. Have been put into the psychotherapy facility. Until 2018, he was in a closed psychotherapy in defeat. From last November it was in the therapeutic home. His residence recently became lighter. Evaluators Christoph Kenny certifies that it now poses a risk to the general public.

    Bitter error! Because on Wednesday, the rapist again attacked – and an eleven year old girl attacked. By TZChristoph K. Information is eight times seven times consistent. That Currently Stadeham is in custody in prison. They did not want to comment on the charge. Wolf mask is not found so far I represent the alleged rapist to the magistrate.

    Press conference on suspicion arrest after an eleven year old rape.

    © Wegele

    Rape of eleven year old girl in Munich: Police details in the press conference

    3:23 pm: The person arrested now was a helper. Rabe says, "He was a normal company." Besides this, he was a trained technical draftman.

    15:21: The Wolf Mask, which took the culprit, could not be found so far.

    3:15 pm: The witnesses had to see the horrific incident – although it did not prove to be a rape. Rab said, "He has forced him to land on the plant." The Witnesses passed and cycled and could not see anything for a long time.

    3:13 pm: Now there were eight suspected arrested earlier, seven of whom were related, the prosecutor explained. Since November 2018, that man was in the therapeutic residential community. Suspected is also guilty Partially due to chaos, 17 attempted to commit sexual assault and sexual abuse of children in forced cases.

    Suspicious arrest: Is it the Wolf Mask reporter of Municon Oberbenz?

    LiveStream Police Munich

    15:09: Police spokesman Marcus da Gloria Martins explains that hours of Tatra's signs were protected before hours and witnesses were found and questioned. The investigation was not even completed.

    15:06: RAB says, "We came to him because of DNA." The tattoo-related male DNA has been found in the girl's body. Compared with the file, it's been hit with suspicious. In addition, the video evidence of S-Bahn station Fasgartan can be protected. Suspicious girl followed the girl 20 meters away. And further: "They were in the same S-Bahah, they left Fasangartan, they followed him," said Rabe. After that he used the park to "fall on it".

    15:04: A concert with rape and a warrant for serious sexual abuse should be applied in most of the forced punishment. The man will be shown to the investigator on Friday.

    3pm: Commissioner's 15 for sexual crimes in the police press conference said Ignaz Rabe said that the track record has caused suspicion. Suspicious could not find in his apartment. Suspected 43-year-old suspect can be arrested at his workplace in the Munich district. It's a Munich.

    Suspected was arrested. The investigating lawyer was also on the site. Suspicious and his lawyer does not provide any information. It will be shown tomorrow to the judge of the investigation.

    Rape of eleven year old girl in Munich: Police arrest suspect

    14:34: In the 11-year-old rape case in Munich, all the backgrounds and details regarding the arrest of the suspect were read out here from 15 watches in the ticker.

    Update June 27, 2019, 14.08 Clock: After eleven years of rape in Munier, a suspect was arrested. It was confirmed by the Munich Police. There will be a press conference at 15 o'clock.

    Police Munier Eleven-year-olds are looking for witnesses to rape and appear in front of schools

    Update June 27, 2019, 10:21 to: Following an eleven-year-old girl's rape in Munier, there are innumerable indications of people from the population in search of the Wolf-Masked offender. The spokesman said on Thursday that it is currently evaluated by 60 investigators. He expects that there will be more. An unknown person on Tuesday said that according to the police, Zumkha was abducted and sexual harassment in the Munich district of Obergigansing. According to the wolf's mask, investigators wore the offender. The spokesman said that police are present on the school and childcare facilities in the area. The investigation team of 25 police officers is in search of the culprit.

    Read also: In Newark St. Vit, it should be a strain against the Penny Branch and in the market market. Victims are seriously injured.

    19.00 Update the clock: It's an act that also surprise experienced investigators. "I have not felt so much in the last 16 years," said sex supremo Commissat 15, head of Sex Offenders Commissat 15. In the afternoon, a man with a Wolf mask and white latex gloves abused sexually with a girl in the organisation. On Wednesday, police spokesman Marcus da Gloria Martins told That was, "This is a rare but very serious task."

    The girl went to the Viking Road from Fasagartan on Tuesday at 16.30 in the S-Bahn station on Tuesday. Here, the child used in the so called Ami is the connection path, which passes through small green spaces. Suddenly the student heard the steps behind him. Outside of nowhere, the masked man attacked an eleven year old girl and closed her mouth. Then the stranger pulled her into the tree, after her cutting off her ship and throwing her jacket on her face. The culprit dragged the pants to the child and went to him.

    Rape was apparently prepared in Munyan Oberoiing

    After the fact, the man ordered the girl to wait five minutes – and threatened to kill him and his family if anyone asked him. Because he knows where he lives. After this act, the girl ran home and believed in her mother. This makes the police wary. An immediate start search was unsuccessful.

    Viewing the tragedy, two women did not recognize it as a sexual assault, police said. With all available options, Marcus da Gloria Martins emphasized, the police are searching for the culprit. Immediately, the investigation team "Wolf" was established with ten officials of the K15. Officials are assisted by murder investigators and the Operational Case Analysis (OFA) profile.

    Apparently, that person prepared this law: he wore a wolf mask on white latex waves, because it used to be in hospital. He spoke German without pronunciation, probably middle and aged about 1.85 meters. He was dressed in dark trousers, who went to his knee, gray t-shirt and dark sneakers. Martins says, "We all are interested, for example, if someone has seen how someone has handled the mask or is nervous." "We need more witnesses." If you have seen something, you can call 089/29 10-0.

    "The fairy tale reminisce of Little Red Riding Hood and Bad Wolves"

    Currently, it has been investigated that the accused has left DNA despite waves. બાળકને નાના શારીરિક ઇજાઓનો સામનો કરવો પડ્યો હતો પરંતુ ગંભીર રીતે આઘાત પહોંચાડ્યો હતો. બાળકને ક્યાં અને કેવી રીતે જાગૃત કરવામાં આવ્યાં તે હવે તપાસનો વિષય છે. દુરુપયોગ બુધવારે જંગલી આગની જેમ બોલ્યો. ગુના દ્રશ્યની તાત્કાલિક નજીકમાં ઘણી શાળાઓ છે જેની સામે પોલીસ હવે વધતી જતી પેટ્રોલિંગ કરી રહી છે.

    એક મુસાફરએ કહ્યું કે માતાપિતા હવે તેમના બાળકોને શાળામાંથી પસંદ કરશે અને હાઉસિંગ એસ્ટેટમાં કોણ છે તે કાળજીપૂર્વક જુઓ. "તે ખરેખર અકલ્પ્ય છે," જે લોકો બહાર છે અને પાર્કમાં છે. વુલ્ફ માસ્ક વડે ગુનેગારની છુપાવી એ ખાસ કરીને કપટી છે. "તે પરીકથા લિટલ રેડ રાઇડિંગ હૂડ અને ખરાબ વરુનું સંસ્મરણાત્મક છે. તે ખૂબ ડરામણી છે. "

    મ્યુનિકમાં બળાત્કાર: પોલીસ પ્રેસ કોન્ફરન્સમાં માહિતી આપે છે

    અપડેટ 11:47: આ ક્ષણે છોકરીના કપડાં પર ડીએનએ પરીક્ષણો કરવામાં આવી રહ્યા છે. ટ્રેક પર વધુ માહિતી વર્તમાનમાં પોલીસ બનાવવા નથી માંગતી. બે માર્ગદર્શકો દ્વારા, જેઓ માહિતી પૂરી પાડવા સક્ષમ પણ હતા, તેઓએ પોલીસનો સંપર્ક કર્યો.

    આ છોકરી માનસિક સારવાર હેઠળ અને માનસિક સારવાર હેઠળ છે. આ કાયદો ખૂબ જ આયોજિત છે, પરંતુ તે હજુ સુધી સ્પષ્ટ નથી કે બાળક પણ ગુના કરનારનો ભોગ બનેલો હતો કે પછી તેણે બળાત્કાર લક્ષ્ય સાથે ભોગ બનવાની તક પસંદ કરી હતી.

    11:39 am અપડેટ કરો: પોલીસ પ્રવક્તા માર્કસ દા ગ્લોરિયા માર્ટન્સ અને જાતીય ગુનાઓ માટે પ્રેસ ઑફિસના વડા ઇગ્નાઝ રાબે જમીન પર છે. રાબના અહેવાલો મુજબ, છોકરી (11) ગઈકાલે વાઇકિંગ રોડની દિશામાં ફાસંગર્ટન પર હતી.

    મ્યુનિકમાં છોકરી પર બળાત્કાર થયો: "મને ખબર છે કે તમે ક્યાં રહો છો"

    જ્યારે તેણી અચાનક એક અજ્ઞાત માણસ તેની પાછળ ઊભો હતો ત્યારે તેણી કહેવાતા "એમીસાઇલ્ડંગ" પર પાર્કમાંથી પસાર થઈ હતી. આણે તેને જમીન પર ફેંકી દીધો, તેના ચહેરાને એક જાકીટથી ઢાંકી દીધો અને તેના પર બળાત્કાર કર્યો. તેણે મદદ માટે બોલાવ્યા પછી તેણે અને તેણીના પરિવારને મારી નાખવાની ધમકી આપી. બાળકના કહેવા પ્રમાણે, "હું જાણું છું કે તમે ક્યાં રહો છો." પછી બાળકે તેની માતાને આ ગુના વિશે કહ્યું. તેઓએ પોલીસને તાત્કાલિક જાણ કરી.

    મ્યુનિકમાં બળાત્કાર કરનારનું વર્ણન

    ગુનેગાર પુરુષ અને 1.85 મીટર ઊંચા હોવા જોઈએ. એવું કહેવાય છે કે તેણે "વરુ જેવા" માસ્ક પહેર્યા છે અને મધ્યમ વયના અવાજની વાત કરી છે. માસ્ક હેઠળ છોકરીએ ટૂંકા, ભૂરા વાળ માટે જોવું જોઈએ. આ માણસ ગ્રે ગ્રે ટી-શર્ટ, ડાર્ક ટ્રાઉઝર, લગભગ ત્રણ-ક્વાર્ટરની લંબાઈ અને શ્યામ સ્નીકર પહેરેલો હતો. વધુમાં, તેમણે સફેદ લેટેક્ષ મોજા પહેર્યા હોવાનું માનવામાં આવે છે, જેમ કે હોસ્પિટલોમાં તેનો ઉપયોગ થાય છે. છોકરી અનુસાર, ગુનેગાર બોલી બોલી જર્મન બોલે છે.

    ગ્લોરીયા માર્ટેન્સ ઉપરાંત પ્રેસ સેક્રેટરી ઉપરાંત પ્રાથમિક શાળા નજીક ગુના દ્રશ્ય આવેલ છે. હાલમાં, કેસની તપાસ કરવા માટે એક ખાસ કમિશનની સ્થાપના કરવામાં આવી છે.

    11.30 am અપડેટ કરો: ઘટનાની ટોપેલિટી અને ફ્યુજિટિવ ગુનેગારોને કારણે, મ્યુનિકમાં પોલીસ અને જાહેર ફરિયાદીની ઑફિસ હાલમાં ગઇકાલે ઑર્ગેસીંગમાં અગિયાર વર્ષનાં બળાત્કાર અંગે પ્રેસ કોન્ફરન્સ આપી રહી છે.

    26 જૂન, 10.06 ઘડિયાળની પ્રથમ નોંધણી

    મ્યુનિક – જેમ કે મ્યૂનિચ પોલીસ દ્વારા નોંધાયેલી, આ બનાવ મંગળવારે બપોરે 16.30 વાગ્યે દક્ષિણી જીલ્લા ઓબર્ગીસિંગમાં થયો હોવાનું કહેવાય છે. પ્રારંભિક માહિતી અનુસાર, ગુનેગાર હાલમાં ચાલી રહેલ છે.

    હકીકતો અને અપરાધીઓ વિશે વધુ માહિતી સાથે પોલીસે મોડી રાત્રે સવારે એક પ્રેસ કોન્ફરન્સની જાહેરાત કરી છે. અમે તમને અપ ટુ ડેટ રાખીશું.

    મ્યુનિક અને આજુબાજુના વધુ સમાચાર અહીં tz.de * પર મળી શકે છે.

    બર્મિંગહામ, અલાબામામાં, ઝઘડા દરમિયાન સગર્ભા સ્ત્રીને પેટમાં ગોળી મારી હતી. તેણી હવે તેના બાળકની મૃત્યુ માટે દોષી છે.

    વિડિઓ: દુરુપયોગનો ગુનો

    * tz.de રાષ્ટ્રવ્યાપી આઇપેન ડિજિટલ સંપાદકીય નેટવર્કનો ભાગ છે


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