Monday , August 2 2021

Nico Kovac: Bayern Coach puts championship on the wall inspiration wall – FC Bayern Munich

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Bayern coach Niko Kovac (47) reached the catch-up in the tricks bag!

Birla learned: On Thursday, a new inspiration wall was stalled in the cabin section lounge on Sabner Road on Thursday. Extra for the last six bandscaling games till the winter break.

Coach: "We are seven points behind, so we do not talk about the goal of the championship, but we do not talk about sports until the winter break. By the end of the year, we want to be weak on one or the other point of Dortmund."

Kovac depends on the new inspirational wall!

On the wall of illuminated light, lighted the large Bavaria flag, which has six coats in the hands of league opponents, which are found in the winter break: Desdeldorf, Bremen, Nuremberg, Hanover, Leipzig and Frankfurt. Today is "Step 1" for Fortune. Step-by-Step was run for Bbb!

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What Cawak says about Goli Titan is that

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At the Kovac Championship title: "The goal of the whole club in the back of my mind is still to play! It plays only a third part of the season." Munich (20 points) is currently in Frankfurt (20), Leipzig (22), Gladbach (23) and Dortmund (27 ) Is fifth on the back.

Niko Kovac still sets on anti-crisis tricks, read on BuildPlus!

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