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The festival demanded a grand festival for the uniform laws of the bank and the capital market. Photo: Arne Dedert

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The rise in Germany threatens not only the international economy but also the economy of the largest economy in Europe. Do you need to adjust the eurozone into dark clouds?

FIt is a matter of concern to reduce the rate of growth after Italy's debt, the brewer turbulence and the recent weak data. "The eurozone's growth should be stopped soon," he said.

However, the European Union president and the European Union president do not have any reason to relax because of the highly controversial interest rate policy in Germany. Once again he asked for uniform laws of banks and capital markets.

By implementing all the measures by 2019, Banking complements its completion at all levels including risk reduction and research mitigation. He said the Emergency is underway in the Emergency area seven years before the European Area crisis. In a Capital Markets Union, the most appropriate answer to the threats faced by the currency union. «One answer: more of Europe».

The Dutch bank boss Christian fairy tales refer to it as 'dahi' next year. "One of the main reasons Europe is behind is disintegration," said Zuying. "American banks have a big home market, and European banks run unstable controls and different structures with 27 and 28 national markets." Therefore, the Banking Union should be quick to revive the idea of ​​a Capital Markets Union.

The more consistent capital market law lasts on the political agenda of the European Commission. The goal of the Capital Marketing Union is to open up new sources of business, increase capital expenditure and secure distribution in the European Union.

In addition, the handicraft deal should be attractive to foreign investment. Moreover, the economic system of the European Union is to be more stable, appropriate and competitive. However, the goals attached to the Commission Action Plan are still too long. As before, the need for capital exchange transactions is very fragmented, and nationally.

Regarding the economy, the gradual slowdown of growth is normal, the business cycle maturity and growth approaches the long-term prospects. However, the euro zone growth is relatively small and bigger now.

The economic crisis in the euro zone grew by an average of eight years to 21%. On the contrary, the current severe economic crisis will take ten years. There will be a 10% increase in economic power.

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