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Reproduction of the group: Do not worry about the trimmer



Siemens CEO Joe ears of small shooting to the tramp

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Herhard Hegmann

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"Siemens is on the right track"

Siemens CEO Jobs for Joe Kesar are very good. But the present business figures make the confidence of the leader of the group. Asset Manager George Tilenius, Siemens's Annual Balance Sheet.

Technology does not want to break the company through speculation about a trade war. All in all, according to the plan, is the guarantee of the CEO. He has a message for the President of the United States.

PWhen other corporations warn of predictions of growing global economy or trade wars, Ciman quietly calms down. He also emphasized the fact that CEO Joe Keser was not present in Munich last year's calculation and geopolitical risks or macroeconomic factors, but he was not sure about expecting any physical impact on business.

"Many have found a reason to fear geopolitics," said Kaiser. Ciman gave the emphasis to customers, not to respond to "Twitter or other features". US It's clear to President Donald Trump.

According to a multi-billion dollar energy modernization order in Iran, Siemens is adding to the General Electric Company. Now Caesar now has reasonable competition-based regulation and the US government does not relate to the sale of arms. The tramp will be invited to have dinner again, "said Kaiser," and you can talk about gas turbine technology instead of Iraq. "


United States Election - Donald TrumpPamp

Caesar did not speak at a recent investment conference in Riyadh, dealing with multi-billion dollar deals in Saudi Arabia. After a long period, after the murder of a Saudi journalist, the head of Sims had canceled the meeting. Kasar watched long-term schemes other than weapon operations for modernization of Saudi Arabia. He was not even aware of the possibilities for achieving big orders from Riyadh.

The Iraqi business is a conglomerate for cement energy (power and gas) sector. In the fourth quarter, the annual results of Siemens fell. However, it was upgraded to an annual target, but all the goals of the year were achieved. Five years ago, he has preserved everything predetermined by his friend, Peter Luczach.

Reorganize the group structure

In the end of September 2018, orders have been increased from 8 percent to 91.3 billion euros. Sales fell two per cent to 83.0 billion euros. After tax, profits rose to 6.12 billion euros. The dividend will rise again by ten cents to € 3.80. However, an effect effect of 1.55 billion euros made a comparatively good result and Simons withdrew from Osama completely and invested in the Pension Fund's deposits stocks.

With the commencement of the 2019 financial year, the sale will be smaller. The combined profits of special effects will be around 7.01 USD from 6.01 Euros. So, € 6.00 will be € 6.30. Even underpricing in 2019, it's still a good source of revenue. Sales will go up more than the order in 2019.


Berlin Spanduyum Siemens Stad, Lotto A Randfunk War Use around the world

In any case, the structure of the group is restructured into the new financial year. In August, Kaiser introduced its "Vision 2020+" kernestronos. There are three major corporate pillars: energy, intelligent infrastructure, digital industry, and Siemens's Gia (Category Energy), Siemens Helleners (Medical Technology) Alstost (Railway Engg.).

Operating units have "more entrepreneurial freedom". The speculative was speculated to be able to effectively redesign from April. However, he admitted that the reality would be profound. "The company's DNA is touching."

With the first Alastom group for the merger of Cisers Rail project, the attention of the season was attracted and now it is checked by Brussels-based competitive competitors. Brassz raised the concerns and made a thorough review. Casser said that Siemens is preparing for concessions, while the group has other options. "If we do not succeed, we are the best mobility company in the world." In media reports, Seimin decided to bring only Sony shares in stock markets alone.


Archives - 26.02.2014, Bavaria, in Munich: Shot at night by the zoom effect and displaying Osama's headquarters. Osprey's annual pic will be held on 07.11.2010. Photo: Rene Ruprecht / dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

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