Sunday , June 20 2021

Ryan Fry: The scandal about the Canadian Calment Olympic champion

Ryan Fry was a hero at the Winter Olympics in Société. Four years later, a corruption in a 40 year old tournament – After heavy drinking,

Canadian curling Olympic champion Ryan Frye dropped out of the competition for "intense alcoholism". Red Deer Curling Classics at Alberta in Alberta, Gold Meditent in Sochi 2014 Because he and his teammates, Jamie Cole, beat DJ Kidb and Chris Shill.

"Unacceptable behavior"

"They went to Curry, drunkards, graves, curses, misbehaved, enough enough," said Wade Thabar, organizer of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. The locker room is said to have been rioted. The world curling tour speaks of "unnecessary character".

Fry has apologized. He described his behavior as "disrespectful and difficult". He will take appropriate steps to ensure that this problem never stops.

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