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Silvie Mees secrets myths


Again, at Silvia Meiss (40), a secret being a secret A month ago, Jury colleague from Das Superton revealed the single status of the host. Now the Dutch Dutch woman reveals itself about her voices. The body of the offender David Omer appears in the upper body. There she can catch her open and can be confused with them right away. Silvia needs more time.

On the model that was presented in today's program "Supertant", she is very happy with her work as a job. David, especially the Berliner, will be motivated by his performance. In the presence of Dieser Bolen (64) and Bruce Darnell (61), But great emotions are not available immediately to 40-year-olds: "I'm very romantic with love, but every time I seem to fall in love, but I'm mixing … different, love and love is another".

Silvia's open approach is similar to her other statement. Caffer Rafael van der Wor (35) is always ready for a date for the former wife. Incidentally, Humor described Humor more than a meeting.

David Omar MG RTL D / Stephen GrigoroviusPictures gallery button
David Omar on the Days Superstition
Jury MG RTL D / Stephen Grigorovius

The jury "Das Supertant" in 2018
Silvi Meil MG RTL D / Stephen Grigorovius

Silvie Miles at "Das SuperTent"

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