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Skybillion-mode is almost done


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The developers of Skyblivion have determined themselves a lot: they make l Billion in Skyrim. How magnificent it is, it should be obvious to anyone who has played the fourth part of the Elder Scrolls series. But there is an end to the vision: the years of development are nearing completion.

Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim It's the kind of game the modeling community is still working on for years after its release. Particularly ambitious is the project "Skyblivian": the mod is blocked on the predecessor The Elder Scrolls 4: a disruption to the Skyrim engine. The whole game was created again in Skyrim. The effort involved is immense – the developers had to restructure all the landscapes from the billions into Skyrim. Of course, it takes a lot of time in the world of a big game. The project has been going on for several years.

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Soon, fans have a long wait but it will end. Mode is almost done. To show that, the developers have put the teaser trailer put inline. It gives a taste of the game and the graphics. The current state of development, the team behind Skyblivion but a clear insight into the live stream on Twitch: In about 80-minutes of video, they show widespread gameplay and explain which screw they have to turn now. There are still all the missing elements and graphics missing here and there, but this one looks like a very well-rounded thing.

Release date pending

However, the developers have not yet decided on a specific release date – or at least they do not share it. However, the community already seems convinced: A user on YouTube correctly notes that the model looks a lot like Oblivion's old CGI promo videos in terms of graphics, which were visually significantly higher quality than the game's in-game graphics. For starving fans of the Elder Scrolls series, the sixth episode is probably the only thing missing.

Source: YouTube, Twitch

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