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Square rectangle: Final Fantasy receives 14 solo content and special magicians


On Nov. 16, 2018, the FWV Festival at the Fan Festival at Las Vegas hosted its third extension on the Classic Fantasy 14 on the online role-playing game. In the first summer of 2019 the add-on should appear as Shadowbringers. He also seeks to increase the maximum limit of 70 to 80, and provides new jobs, territories and competitors. There are two other areas: a large forest, as well as sand hills, valleys and carvings.


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Major improvements have been made including the MP and TP for the combat system. This will make it easier for newcomers to start. In nine danziers, it will come in the shadbringles to encounter it, and a raid up to 24 participants.

Unusual for an online role playing game: The caves themselves have players and assist computer users. The whole issue of "confidence" is the subject of the FINANCE FANTACEAE 11 meme. It may have small or big differences, the developer has not said so far.

An extraordinary feature of the shadowbringger will be a new game plus mode, allowing you to visit letter content (including Final Fantasy 14 Edition 2.0 Returns) to resume games to restart games. Can. In this case, the player comes with the power of his existing, usually very large fight, but can last out before the end.

A little technical change: Final Fantasy 14 with Extension only supports 64-bit version of Windows. If the game is initially running in 32-bit windows, users must prepare for further errors.

Release version 5.0 gets prior to the release of Shadowbringers – with the main new release will update to 4.5. Players can, alone, manage a blue bird, only one thing can be done at a time only: Add them to their own repertory by learning about continental attacks and war strategies. Magic has been able to reach 50, but later it can stay parallel to other classes.

Artwork from Final Fantasy 14 – Shadrabrings (Picture: Squared Axis)

Square Enrix has announced that it will reset the world and servers immediately. However, it is not normal for such players to reduce the number of players. On the other hand, many worlds have become remarkable five years later. At present, 14 million players are present.

In the United States, there will be two data centers for the third and two in the future in Europe. So those friends can still compete, otherwise the chargeable characters are free. Chat Enix will later inform the details.

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