Saturday , April 1 2023

Switzerland's League of Nations against Belgium


In the final round of the Nations League, Switzerland qualified for Switzerland. 5: 2 (3: 2) won by Swiss against Belgium. Harris Sefarovic had a hat trick but they were behind behind 17 minutes.

Montsglabbb's Thorgan Hazard won twice in the Belgian site (Second Money, 17). Ricardo Rodriguez earned a penalty, Harris Sefervori won the game twice (31 & # 39 ;, 44 & # 39;). The key goal for winning the group was by Nicot Elves (62.) from the Hasard's Glucker team. Zephorov won the Final Score (84 & # 39;).

Thorgan Hazard's Double Strike

The Torgon HASARD gave an early leadership after a mistake. Only an hour later to reach 2: 0 for Red Devils. Group champions have four goals for Switzerland. Switzerland scored a goal 2-1 in the first game, but could not win a 3-2 score.

Belgian goalkeeper Tibout Cortez (blue jersey)


Belgian goalkeeper Tibout Cortez (blue jersey)

Roads were first carried out with the help of Nazar Chadli of Belgium. It was in the penalty area of ​​Kevin Mouwe. Swiss with a converted penalty


After five minutes after the first goal, Drerk had a Belgian ball in the Belgrade. Sehrdan Shakhri hung up to Seferovic.

Before the break, Switzerland played entirely in the match: Edmilson Fernandez hit the opposing side in the back of the defensive and dragged Sefiirekku on the right.

Belgium lost its final round

At one of the Belgian penalty area, Shakyi reached the slopes of the stadium in El Salvador's 4: 2 final. Finally, Sefeirovik scored 5: 2.

Switzerland also succeeds in the Portugal Nation League final for the tournament in June 2019. Belgium second behind A-League. Iceland was scheduled before the final group clash.

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