Tuesday , October 26 2021

Tears on Taisiya Matthia's farm tear


Young farmer Matthias and tennis pro Tasecias may have a dream couple of "Bauer like Freu". But in the episode of Monday, 21 year old suspects – and tears broke out.

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Hofwoch started more than synchronizing on two lovebirds. Mathias had eyes for Tessia and was very surprised. The athlete with her fashionable outfit did not want to fit on her farm in Baueria, because the 23-year-old pink job offers clothes – and straightened straightaway.

A common future?

Tennis SA enthusiastically said, "No boy gives me workwear before, but I think he is great because he is working hard and I realize he comes from under my heart." But the time together was coming as soon as expected. Before returning to Tosia's Dortmund, Matthias, already in love, took a heart and went on the invasion. The farmer asked whether he could simultaneously imagine the future.

However, her dream wife hesitated and finally said, "I am playing tennis and I am going often and I'm worried about how you deal with it." In previous relationships, she had bad experiences. However, Matthias immediately fired the argument: "I have not had enough time for you to feel so much for a girl, I accept everything because I love you very much."

With such sweet words, Ticia did not catch tears. "Her words are too much for me, tears came alone, I could not stop them," she explained later. Parting was waiting for the highlight of the time together: it came in the first kiss! Matthias is still happy when her dream woman was already going home. "Now it really starts," it's sure.

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