Monday , August 15 2022

The Netherlands were eliminated in favor of France against Germany


Get down with the DFSB team in the Nations League: National coach jockey loew ends with another bitter disappointment in the international arena.

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The first season of the Nations League in Nations is now over for the DFB election. After the Netherlands's victory over France, it could not prevent it.

Rotterdam – world champion shitjinhilf all the hopes of futility: German national football team was crashed out of the European square cup. 2-0 (1-0) in a negative contest against rival Holland in the World Cup football tournament on Friday night in Rotterdam. Joshi is relegated to Argentina's League of the Nations League.

This will also change the success for the Monday group. (20.45 clock / our live ticker). After Jardine Dinamo (44) and Memphis Depiei (90 + 6), Elfel won the group Endow stadium in the semi-finals of June.

Competition against Netherlands for European Championship Eligibility Groups

However, the threats of the 2018 World Cup will not be in DFB-Elf: Wembley is still on Wembley in Dublin on December 1 to win a group of European Championship Qualification Group group balances. Secure the way to the final round of 2020.

France's coach Dyer Deshmal failed to win four World Cup champions, including Manchester United's Paul Porbaba. Scoring the first place in the Ipipper troller called the Allergen Pleur boruzia Monchenglabch.

The first fight: Giorgio Giovanni (Vin) (French) surpassed França's Hugo Ellosius (R)

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The first opportunity for "Orange" in the second minute

From there he saw world champion a weak start. In the second minute, the Netherlands made a strong comeback. However, after Dette's best effort, the penalty spot shot at the height of the entire freezing shot was quite concentrated.

France was very upset and waited, and Les Blues expressed bad ideas in the attacks. Antonine Grimmann was a very weak title. It was just a test of orange goalkeeper Jasper Cilless. It was dangerous after half an hour. But Stuttgart is very thin at the entrance of a long shot from Benjamin Pawder (28).

Leading with Wisand and Astustebar

As a result, guests performed a bit more courage and determination, but the Orige resistance was safe. French was quite different. Steven Nancy's delivery was suspended by Hoffman Ryan Babel's injuries. The closest shot was the shotgun Hugo Laureus, and later the goalie's goal of Wickal's goal-winning goalkeeper.

Even after the rest, the same picture is presented. The Netherlands did the match but Daniel Dumbles failed in the 62th minute. Tornamon goalkeeper Loris was playing for the world championship by overtaking France.


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