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The virus in banknotes – Berlin chief Dr Mark Blochings: "Usually three to four cooling a year.


Berlin –

Cough, throat nose, throat pain: the smell of half the city after the summer. Mark Hofing, the head of the enterprise clinic at Berlin-Buch, says: "That's why all of us are facing illness.

Why are there so many colds in the fall?

From the heat to cool weather, the body can not rapidly change, as the heat extinguishing system will weaken. But many still dress in summer. This leads to cold choking and allows the body to cool down internally. There is an easy game for cold viruses. Add to large risk of infection. If there is cool, others will have a glow.

NH Chief Dr. Mark Blochings.

NH Chief Dr. Mark Blochings.

Some people often suffer from cold feet. Can they quickly catch up?

Occasional cold wind does not cool. But it's easy for someone who's actually suffering. Skin is cool, contract with blood vessels. From this stimulus to the mucous membrane in the nasopharynx, through the advanced nervous system. Blood vessels interfere with blood circulation. As a result, the immune defense cells move into the skin of mucous membranes. Cold viruses make it easy to get stuck there.

Am I always weak and tired when I have a cold?

Virus focuses all the forces in the immune system to effectively fight each other. So, the army is missing elsewhere. In addition, inflammation in the tissue that connects the entire body comes with an infection of cold viruses in preventive actions. This is not only your weakness and fatigue, but also for the sake of muscle and joint when you have cold and fever.

Are you going to bed, even if you have no physical illness?

Every patient is obedient to their own decision. One physical virus is cool because you do not have to sleep, you can work calmly on your table without any stress. However, if you feel unsuccessful, you should be sure to avoid complications in your heart. Our body is a good indicator. If he wants rest, he will indicate us and we will have to pay attention to him. This depends on the height of the fever.

When do I have to go to the doctor?

If more serious symptoms occur and the fever lasts longer than two days, go to the doctor. It is best to visit a doctor if you are carrying bronchi and lungs or if you are suffering from suicides or ears. The bacterial infection is based on the virus, the lungs, syndases, or mid ear infections. The doctor can say if this accident exists. In each case, antibiotics will be prescribed.

Why do some people get cold for many times a year, others do not have multiple times or even one?

Usually three to four cool years a year, twice as many kids. Of course, those who avoid the crowd and care to care are certainly sick. Another major weakness is our immune system. Those with strong immune system are at low risk.

How long will the cold viruses remain?

The type of virus depends on it. Bills, telephone handsets or doorknobs up to two weeks. The temperature plays a role. The temperature and low temperatures, the more viruses remain. On the contrary, skin and in our hands, usually 34 degrees Celsius, the virus survive only a short time.

Always blame if you catch a cold many times a year?

There are always other viruses. We know about 200 different types of cold viruses. Most of them make similar symptoms of illness. They constantly change the structure and surface characteristics of the body. This is because cold viruses do not have vaccine or direct-acting drugs.

Does Flu Vaccine Protect Me From Cooling Me?

No, it protects against true flu viruses, but it does not prevent cold.

Why is there a cold in typical seven days?

This will continue as long as it strives to develop immune contradictions and defend against viruses.

What can you do to take three to five days to minimize the cooling style?

Physical protection is very important. So do not do hard activities, do not play sports, do not go to the gym or go to a steamer. The body needs all the power to cope with the virus. Drink a lot and heat the body. Heat increases blood circulation so as to increase the body's resistance.

Which drugs are beneficial to get better?

Particularly at night, especially drugs, drugs, and dishes are important. They keep the barriers from the barrier and open to the joints and ears. Make sure that they can breathe in your nose at night. Dry breathing from the mouth, mucous membranes are irritating the skin. You can use it for at least two weeks.

It ate a lot of fruit.

Good balanced diet has a good effect on the immune system. This includes daily fruits. It contains vitamins A, C, D, E, and zinc.

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